Marketplace Selector Update

Improving the way you find and select markets to trade in.

Radar Relay
Aug 8, 2018 · 3 min read

This week’s update brings a new marketplace selector, favicon alerts, backend improvements, accessibility improvements to our education sites, and more.

Marketplace Selector

From our user research interviews, we found many users had difficulty finding a book they wanted to trade in. Thanks to all of you who participated in the interviews! We’ve used your feedback to improve the marketplace selector, with a new user interface and functionality.

The dropdown has been reworked and is now sorted by most active books, using an algorithm we developed. The algorithm takes into account the best bids, best asks, volume, amount of orders within a certain percent from the spread, and more to determine how “active” a pair is. You can now see price, volume, 24h change, spread, and order depth, at a glance within that same section.

Quote tokens have been migrated to the dropdown as well. This simplifies the process of selecting the book you’re looking to trade in. Additionally, we’ve added a favorites tab above the quote token selection that will show the books you favorite.

Persist User Currency Preference

The reference currency you select will now persist after closing and reopening the app.

Favicon Alert

If you are on a different tab and get a notification on Radar, you will see a notification on the tab.


Following guidelines, was updated to be more accessible. This is the first step in accessibility improvements to our content.

Backend Improvements

  • Implemented the marketplace algorithm and added caching mechanisms for more efficient data aggregation.
  • Pruner stability was improved and infrastructure was reworked to increase scalability by using queue based systems.

View the Changes!

and try out these updates! Make sure to let us know what you think.


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Building products for our next financial system

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