Radar Relay Beta Update

New features and UI updates

We’re excited to release a substantial update, based on community feedback, to Radar Relay Beta. We’re getting close to a full launch and are grateful for all the feedback and support from the community. Specifically, the testing from our No Fee November has been invaluable. Please let us know what you think about our newest additions!

General UI Updates

Updates have been made across the site in both day and night mode to increase visible information and organization.

New Features

Token Watchlist: You can now select tokens to “watch,” which adds them to the top of the page and updates you on current price and 24/hr change. Clicking a token pair in your watchlist will load that pair for trading.

Token Transfer: A new transfer button has been added in the Radar wallet next to each token to transfer any supported tokens from your address to another.

Single Order View: Orders now have a share button that links to a unique page for each order, which allows users to advertise or share their orders across any social medium. Orders can be filled directly from the linked share page.

Market Orders: Market orders will batch multiple open orders into a single transaction

Your Orders view: The list view will have a snapshot of your open orders. Clicking pending orders will bring up more information on the order.

Looking for a Job?

Radar is hiring. If you are interested in joining the team send us an email at jobs@radarrelay.com

Join us on Slack

We have a Slack channel called “#beta” where we will be collecting feedback, bug reports, answering questions, and announcing changes and updates.