Radar Retro


Most public companies include a letter to their shareholders alongside their annual report. This letter is a rare opportunity for operators to speak directly to shareholders on vision, milestones, and strategy. This year, we start that ritual. While most of you aren’t shareholders (yet), you’ve invested your time and energy to help us grow. This letter is to you.

Orders Without Borders

Agency is evenly distributed, but access is not. We believe in the power of decentralized exchange, the verb, to create a global participatory market. We’re building products, like Relay, for our next financial system. This year, Relay helped users from nearly every country in the world trade $190m+ worth of tokens.

Coil the Spring

Companies die from overeating, not starvation. We believe in the power of radical execution to create an enduring multigenerational company. We’re building a team, and a culture, that’s ready for the next explosive growth cycle in this frontier market. This year, we passed thirty people with offices in three countries.

Onboard the World

Blockchain is just a database. We believe in it’s power as a source of truth, but it’s not magic. Like most new technology, it must endure the difficult journey from education to abstraction. We’re humbled to play our part in creating new language, user actions, and design patterns. This year, we created five new educational sites.

Return the High Five

We are so inspired by your collective hope and humbled by your support. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!