Worldwide Beta release of Box Island: Epic Coding Adventure

That’s right! After a full year of development, which included a successful soft-launch in Iceland this August, we’ve finally unleashed a Beta version of Box Island: Epic Coding Adventure onto the App Store worldwide. What a glorious moment!

About the game

Box Island is a beautiful mobile coding game that takes kids on an exciting adventure on the charming island. Along the way the kids have to apply the basics of algorithms, pattern recognition, sequences, loops and conditionals to progress through the super fun and brainy gameplay. The game is truly unique for its beautiful 3D game world and fun story parts that keep the kids highly engaged and motivated while playing.

Since our Icelandic soft-launch in August, we’ve increased the number of levels from 50 to 100, added more story parts, polished the world map, added support for 10 languages in total, and adopted a freemium model done right. Our implementation of freemium gives users the option to play the first 15 levels for free before committing to unlock the full game of 100 levels for just $4.99. The full game should be around 3–6 hours of playing time, depending on age and previous experience with coding. The core target group for the game is 8–12 year olds.

Screenshots from the beautiful Box Island: Epic Coding Adventure

Mastering the fundamentals is key

We set out a clear objective for the game initially; To enable kids to master the fundamentals of coding through an engaging and lively experience. The 100 levels of gameplay have been carefully crafted to ease kids into the game and take them on a journey that gradually transitions them towards mastery.

It sometimes feels like magic. We test a lot with kids and to see them gain basic coding skills within an hour is amazing.

By mastering the fundamentals, kids are on an ascending path towards creating amazing things with code. Box Island is the game every kid should play before taking their next step.

Driving more girls into Computer Science

Closing the gender gap in technology is an important issue that we wanted to support through Box Island. From the very beginning, the game was designed to be gender-neutral. The friendly characters, colorful and bright 3D game world and entertaining story parts make the experience a joy for both boys and girls.

Everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn Computer Science. Our development on Box Island resonates with that.
Boys and girls all over the world enjoy the game

We encourage you to try out the Beta version of Box Island and tell us what you think! It’s presentation and aesthetics have been crafted specially with 8–12 year olds in mind, but people of all ages have been having great fun with it.

— The Radiant Games team

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