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Our vision is to create a world where neurodiversity is understood and valued. One where neurodiverse thinkers are able to grow and harness their talents to their full potential.

Our online publication allows everyone to be involved in the conversation. A community with one common goal — to share articles, thoughts, ideas, best practice and lessons learnt that take forward the agenda on neurodiversity.

When submitting your article, your background and job title does not matter as much as your thoughts and ideas! The only criteria we have is that we respect and value other peoples’ views. We also promote authenticity, transparency and honestly in our publication.

To submit an article

1. Sign up for Medium if you haven’t already. We recommend signing up with Twitter (or at least linking your profile) so that your Twitter followers on Medium will follow you here. You can also connect Facebook and your email so people can find you — but this is entirely optional.

2. Let us know your Medium profile as soon as possible so we can add you as a writer to the publication.

3. Create a draft of your story. We also welcome video submissions if you would prefer this. The best way to do this would be to set up a You Tube account and embed the link to your video in your story.

4. Submit your story to Radical Intelligence. DO NOT CLICK PUBLISH. Instead, while you’re in edit mode, press the 3 dots at the top of the story, click Add to Publication, select Radical Intelligence and then hit the button to Add.

If you want to discuss an idea before submitting an article, you are welcome to contact us at

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We want to hear your views and hope to see you on the publication!

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