Why Companies are Embracing Neurodiversity

We’ve come to recognize the benefits of a diverse group of people in the workplace, but isn’t it time we also embrace a diverse group of brain types?
Bay Area aikido entrepreneur and writer Nick Walker agrees about the importance of embracing differences at work. As he shares in his blog about being autistic, “The greater the diversity of the pool of available minds, the greater the diversity of perspectives, talents, and ways of thinking–and thus the greater the probability of generating an original insight, solution, or creative contribution.”
Indeed, many of the world’s great scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs have dyslexia or ADHD or other traits. As Walker explains, “In any given sphere of society, we only get the benefit of the contributions of those individuals who are empowered to participate. And we only get the full benefit of a given individual’s unique potential if that individual is empowered to participate without being forced to suppress their differences.”

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