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Forget Delight: Designing Successful Products Begins with Defining a Clear Vision

The goal of delighting the customer can lead you astray

Without a clear purpose for delighting customers, setting your goal as delighting customers means your boat can end up wherever the strongest winds take you.

Defining your Why

Lessons you can apply in your business

  1. Delight users in the context of the change you want to bring through your product: Your product vision articulates the change you want to create and your rationale and context for delighting users. This is where Radical Product Thinking comes in. Radical Product Thinking is a methodology for systematically building successful products that improve the world. In the RPT way, you develop a vision for the change you want to bring about and translate it step by step into a strategy, priorities, and hypothesis-driven execution. You can download the free Radical Product Toolkit to help you craft your vision in a fill-in-the-blanks format — this approach makes it easier to align on the vision through a group exercise.
  2. Prioritize where you want to delight users: Zappos popularized the idea that every touchpoint must be delightful. While that’s ideal, in reality, you’re going to need to prioritize where you are going to invest in creating delight. You can align the team on priorities by taking a visual approach to prioritization, balancing progress towards your vision for change against everyday business needs.
  3. Measure what matters: Looking at popular metrics such as daily active users, NPS scores, and revenues, Nack seemed like a successful product. But each of these popular metrics comes with assumptions that may not hold true for your business. At Nack, it’s the percentage of users who were spending their own money on gifting coffee that indicated progress towards the vision of spreading kindness. Once you have a clear vision and strategy, you can derive the metrics that indicate progress towards your purpose.



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Radhika Dutt

Product leader and entrepreneur in the Boston area. Co-author of Radical Product, participated in 4 exits, 2 of which were companies I founded.