Creating a Customer-Centered AI Product Strategy:

Spiro is an AI-powered CRM with a built-in personal sales assistant. Spiro’s mission is to breathe new life into sales technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Sales professionals love Spiro because it uses artificial intelligence to automatically create, update and manage their pipeline, plus it and gives them proactive recommendations about which prospect they should connected with next.

Using the Radical Product Toolkit at Spiro

We found out that Spiro had been using the Radical Product Toolkit from a friend who sits on the company’s board. In a recent board meeting, she had been impressed with how clear and concise their product vision and strategy was.

Spiro’s CEO, Adam Honig, told us the story below of how he uses the Radical Product Toolkit:

“We learnt about the Radical Product Toolkit in the TiE Scaleup workshop. We articulated our vision statement and then aligned on the product strategy using the RDCL framework. The toolkit not only helped us clarify our thinking, it also helped us communicate within the team.

“One of the key insights we had by using the RDCL product strategy framework was that our company’s core differentiation was “L” or the “logistics” in this framework — i.e how we deliver the combined functionality of email and CRM to our customers. We have used this insight to prioritize features as we develop our product. Earlier, we would sometimes debate whether adding any CRM-specific bells and whistles was necessary for us, especially in the face of outside forces like customers, investors etc. Now we are clearly able to prioritize features that deliver on the ease-of-use of CRM within email, rather than adding more CRM functionality right away.

One of the key insights was that our company’s core differentiation was in “Logistics”. We have used this insight to prioritize features as we develop our product.

“We use the RDCL tool intuitively every 2 weeks when we do our sprint prioritization, evaluating whether any particular product feature takes us closer to our vision and how sustainable it is. RDCL toolkit also brought the concept of “vision debt” (building the product in a way that sacrifices the core vision for short-term sustainability) into focus for us. We have dedicated 25% of our engineering bandwidth to work on future vision in each sprint.

“We have found that the RDCL Toolkit has been valuable to help us align on our company’s vision and product strategy as we grew from 3 people to 15 people!

Making Vision and Strategy More Practical

Adam told us that they wished that they could incorporate the Radical Product Toolkit into more of their day-to-day planning tools. This was valuable feedback, which we addressed in a recent post.

The latest version of the Toolkit now makes it easier to turn your vision and strategy into a cross-functional strategic roadmap and execution plan. Product leaders now can see their vision and strategy in action in every sprint.

Helping founders and companies realize their vision and build radical products are part of our vision at Radical Product. We are grateful to the Spiro team for sharing their story with us. If you have a story of your own about using the Radical Product Toolkit in your product organization, let us know at !