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How to transform company culture from a nebulous idea into tangible action

The Radical Product Thinking framework for culture

Work culture is what you experience in your workday through your work and interactions. A good work culture creates an environment that maximizes the mental and emotional bandwidth that you can sustainably invest in the business.

The Radical Product Thinking framework for culture
  • Having meetings to prepare for meetings
  • Requiring approval from many layers of management
  • Building consensus across a large group on relatively minor decisions
  • Creating reports and dedicating time to metrics that aren’t useful indicators of progress

How do you use this framework?

  • Define the problem: Making any changes to your culture will most likely trigger an immune response from the organization to avoid change. To overcome this, you need to align your team through a clear definition of the problem. What are you trying to solve through culture change? Why do you need to address your culture? Use surveys or facilitated sessions to start open and honest discussions to understand which quadrants are consuming the most emotional and mental bandwidth from your team. Identify what activities are consuming time in each quadrant. Create a shared vision with your employees for how their workday will look if culture could be improved in your organization.
  • Develop a strategy: Rank order the pain points that consume the most bandwidth in each quadrant. How will you solve those pain points? What behavior changes will it require from managers and individual contributors? How will you drive these behavior changes? You can use the RDCL strategy to craft an actionable strategy for culture change.
  • Create a roadmap and demonstrate progress: Once you have an RDCL strategy for changing your culture, you’ll need to prioritize initiatives that translate your strategy into action. You’ll also need to measure what matters to demonstrate genuine progress toward the shared vision.



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Radhika Dutt

Product leader and entrepreneur in the Boston area. Co-author of Radical Product, participated in 4 exits, 2 of which were companies I founded.