Why should your on-demand Uber-like app be developed in Flutter?

Saadhika Devi
Feb 11 · 3 min read
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In recent days, Flutter is becoming the popular kid among developers for building a super attractive and high-performing mobile application.

Google unveiled the first stable version on December 8, 2018, and its sole purpose is to give a better UI framework for ambient computing. As the software is now being used in multiple devices like phones, laptops, desktop, watches, and tv, Google considered Flutter would be important in developing a better UI framework.

Flutter would be very important for the development of a UI framework with better pixels.

Now, when we look at developing a mobile app for an on-demand Uber-like application, Flutter can save the day for both the developers and entrepreneurs or business owners. Let me walk you through with the whole detail in this blog.

About Flutter

It is a free and open-source software development kit (SDK). It is used to develop applications in iOS, Android and other web applications.

The apps of Flutter are developed using Dart programming language. Dart is an object-oriented programming language developed by Google.

Flutter runs in Dart virtual machine which comes with a just-in-time execution which allows the Hot Reload. So, changes made in the code would be reflected in the running app, resulting in a fast update of the app.

Flutter allows in creating widgets from other widgets. There are two types of Widgets: Cupertino for iOS and Material Design for Android.

Get all the benefits like:

Saving Development time and cost

Code only once and use the same code for other platforms. That’s why it is called cross-platform.

This saves the app development time. Building an on-demand uber-like app takes 3–6 months depending upon the functionality and industry. If chosen to build in native iOS and Android, an MVP app takes 4–6 months to be developed parallelly.

Talking about the cost, developing an on-demand uber-like app costs you $1500 — $2500. If you want to develop a native iOS and an Android app, it would double the cost of investment. Flutter saves the development cost as the same code is reused in the iOS and Android app.

Suitable for MVP

Flutter is the perfect tool to build a Minimum viable product of your Uber-like app.

We know, MVP is the product developed having the essential and minimalistic features to satisfy early customers or a subset of the audience and validate your startup idea.

Flutter enables you to fastly launch the product, validate the startup idea and get more feedback to iterate the development.

Appealing UI design

The Flutter built app gives a perfect outlook and appealing user interface. It is done through widgets design. As said in Flutter’s documentation, each widget is an immutable declaration of part of the user interface.

In Flutter, more widgets can be created from the existing widgets. Due to the work of widgets, you can experience an attractive look and feel user UI, fast performing, being compatible and extensible as well.

No headache in testing and maintenance

In Flutter, the code is reused in other platforms. This becomes easy to debug the code for testers. The Quality specialist doesn’t have to waste time testing core features in multiple platforms.


Let’s have a short recap on the said, Developing your on-demand uber-like app in the Flutter would reap benefits such as:

  1. Saving your app development time and cost

I hope this blog is insightful to get the ball rolling in building a successful marketplace. To develop your on-demand uber-like app, tap the link to know more https://www.radicalstart.com/uber-clone/

Radical Start

A technology company that helps entreprenuers build successful business

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Radical Start

A technology company that helps entreprenuers build successful business

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