Our P.o.V. _What Drives the Radical Transparency Media Project

We’re experimenting with being transparent in our editorial processes on Radical Transparency: Weapon of Mass Liberation? in all the formats (Movies, TV, vlogs, blogs) that this journey of discovery ends up taking.

To date we’ve already done a dozen research research interviews, and nearly all are available on YouTube Transparently Unedited for you to find your own truth, health check what we do, or make your own judgement calls. As Reddit has taught me, sometimes that judgement is about me, not on the subject matter — but that’s all a positive part of the process and we’re all learning all the time.

As a team we want to present truthful facts. At the core of what we do is to learn with you, but it’s also to bring a personal viewpoint. That’s both to help dissect and understand what that information means, and means to you — but also add in insight from a team (me and more) that dedicate their days to looking at all these stories from multiple angles.

So it’s not Opinion, but it’s also not a neutral journalistic style of presenting facts without context, or a viewpoint.

What you get with us is truthful facts, but by the nature of my questions, interests, my world view , and the published intent of this info channel— well, that shapes the nature of the truth presented.

So, we & I. There’s a bunch of people, working or helping formally and informally on this. Ultimately though, it’s driven, and editorially/creatively overseen by me, Vlad Lodzinski. Investigator-in-Chief, and builder of this train, it’s right — as part of this experiment in being Radically Transparent — that you get to know what is driving the choices. Sounds pompous, but I hope I’m helping experiment new ways of being, working and communicating in this increasingly fluid world order.

I’m talking to lots of extremes, people who are part of Anonymous, others who might be hyper-capitalists, libertarians, ex-spies or whatever. My first week on the project I was told if I go forward I would be up on ‘Fed’ Watchlists. If you are interested enough the statements below should help you triangulate my world view.

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In researching this project about the world we’re about to live in, cleverer people than me have spoken about ‘Truth Scores’, ‘Trust Networks’ and Ability Attributions (3rd party endorsements) — so this is my stab at establishing my ‘Trust Score’. Everyone has an agenda. This is ours.

This article is therefore more of a public record of statement about what drives that Point of View (POV). I’m sure I’ll come back edit and refine this as we move forward. I’ll log changes in an appendix.

What drives me? I believe in true equality, equality of opportunity and education, freedom to make meaningful life choices as well as freedom of expression, but not to lie and deceive in the name of your Freedom to do as you wish. I’m more of a first mile than a last mile guy. So my time goes to basic rights for all, over totally balancing the ledger book for the already privileged.

Freedom means different things to different people

My views are also driven by citizen-first governance: That means government decisions that aren’t about the economy first — the needs of powerful corporations first — it’s about what does right by a country’s inhabitants and people in general beyond your borders as well. The rest feeds on from that. Jobs, healthcare, an income, ability to spend time with family and a vibrant culture — and economy.

So, yeah to capitalism because that reflects human drivers. So yeah to a vibrant, dynamic, messy economy full of fiscally rich and those rich with life satisfaction, because that creates motivation, jobs and a dynamic, active economy. Friction and challenges are a pain, but part of the human experience that drives progress.

Direct Democracy was born and died soon after in 411 BCE in Ancient Athens after it led to disastrous wars caused by ‘fake news’ and charismatic talkers

Oh, Direct democracy scares me — I studied what happened in Ancient Athens when ‘orators’ — much like a Trump or Hitler — swayed people into hysteria and mob mentalities. That means Democratic elected representatives who have time to know subjects intimately making decisions.

The sci-fi nerd in me even dreams of some kind of Artificial Intelligence that makes sensible choices based on data and modelling, and the politics is about tweaking the algorithms that drive what final decisions get made.

But some choices are purely moral life choices, and that where it gets messy. I’m a ‘let people live’ kind of guy. Who you are — and you’re choices — are fine as long as you don’t try make others live by them too.

So, if you don’t want to bake a cake for some people, or you want to take decisions over someone else’s life choices.. well, then the choice is yours not to go into a business baking cakes or go into healthcare. If you do want to do something interacting with society at large, you respect people’s choices. If you don’t, well be whatever take on Amish is — live in closed society with like minded people.

I’m a non-believer* who’s morality has been shaped by my parents and people like Fr. Vlad (uhuh) at my very (English style) Catholic high school. They focused on compassion and loving your fellow human, helping others, contributing to society and community, and being good god dammit, over twisting dogma into a form of nationalism or beliefs that don’t align with basic tenets of christianity or just about every other religion.

*non-believer in any traditional sense — could be some being being, societies or machines science experiment? Never say never, but that’s not god in the way most people understand

  • A European at heart, but have become a Californian later in life and Los Angeles has been home for a decade.
California skies
  • Born in, and feel like, a Londoner above all. But my folks taught me that Brit’s were ‘foreigners’ to us.
  • I’m the child of Refugees — the child of those who had pain in war and undiagnosed PTSD. That shapes a lot of me.
My parents came from middle and upper class backgrounds, but ended up as refugees My Ma spent much of the war in Polish refugee camps in Iran
  • Parents who lost everything — as I have in later life — but carried on
  • Parents who had me really super late in life, so am connected to a different generation, but also close to those making changes now, those pushing society forward across tech, art, business and social impact.
  • Both part of a large family, but also an only child, the only kid at home from around 10 years old. I’m also the youngest — and most of those stereotypes ring true.
  • My very first words were in Polish, as a child my English countrymen were foreigners. I studied other, different, civilisations and ways of communication — and so was always a fish-out-of-water wherever I went or lived. I tend to view things as an outsider.
  • Studied Art, History and Economics. Different parts of my work life get fed by that and it shapes how I look at things.
  • Historically painfully shy, but ended up with confidence in the subjects I know well and have passion for.
I grew into my skin and worked as a changemaker
  • Being brought up as an ‘exile’ from a Poland that no longer existed, I visited Poland and saw communist life close up visiting relatives. They were being recruited by secret police, saw the all the pains of daily life close up.
  • As an adult I lived in just post-communist Warsaw helping a new generation to think for themselves, I did a little of the same in Bucharest.
  • Spent a decade travelling around Europe and beyond creating shows for MTV in Europe when the place was in its heyday. You would have seen versions of my stuff around the world. Been on tour, worked with lots of bands, actors and creative geniuses. I even produced something on the MIR space station.
  • Been an artist, a writer, a media creative, a producer, an entrepreneur, an educator and a total failure on more than one occasion — but had my flashes of shining bright too.
  • I want to be a disruptor, not the disrupted
  • Worked at enough start-ups and big businesses to know that good people can make bad decisions, and when the shit starts hitting the fan the decisions made are based on what you think you can get away with, or only what the law dictates, not objectively the best or right choice. Not the choice without repercussions.
  • Believe tech can help the world develop but am also cynical as fuck on emperor’s new clothes, or wishing your vision on others.
Two cousins and members of the Cree Nation in Muscogee, Oklahoma at Bacone College’s Rodeo Center
  • Been an educator of sorts across Eastern & Central Europe, in the UK and even in Oklahoma. Had Professor in my title in 2 continents.
  • I believe in science and facts, but know sometimes that it’s the question asked that dictates the answer. Not proven doesn’t mean not true and modern science is showing us our solid assumptions are not, or might not be quite right — even if old science says so. There’s often another layer to unpeel, a wider viewpoint with more context and information.
  • Don’t believe in imposing my will, or generally forcing unpopular decisions on society at large. I do believe in educating and persuading them to see the value in those sometimes ‘progressive’, or the value in another way.
  • See beauty and flaws in cultures around the world.
  • ‘Bubbles’, be they national, regional, religious, industry-centric or tech- driven tend to be negative, but also contain the essence of humanity that drives us forward.
  • Don’t think my way is right — but think my voice can help. Sometimes braver people make decisions I’m scared to.
  • Think we should respect the views and desires of those who have more time left on this planet that we do. Society always marches forward, even if it takes a wrong turn sometimes.
We’re needy
  • A later starter in life, I feel more sorted and happy in myself than many around me. Still prone to stress, panic attacks but not been to those dark places for a while.
  • Not the best driver, like a glass of wine, tend to be good company and get frisky when drunk. Beauty can still distract me from my senses, but find consent sexy.
  • Not a player — I have no game in business or in love. But transparency, when I can get to it, tends to works well for me.

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