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Nine New Nasty UX Truths

Hard-won insights that nobody says out loud.

Antoine Valot
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11 min readJul 9, 2021


Exactly five years ago, I published Nine Nasty UX Truths, and to my surprise the article got over 50k views here on Medium, a bunch of reposts and tweets, and even a translation in Russian.

All of this led to some powerful conversations which helped me grow as a designer. Meaning I’ve messed up bigger, learned a lot more, and probably grown nastier with age.

So here are nine more truths that you’re not likely to hear everyday from our wonderfully empathetic and confrontation-adverse community.

By the way, I do love you. Nonetheless…

(1) Fuck your design system.

Hear me out: Yes, of course, if you don’t use a design system, you’re an idiot. Excellent designers with decades of experience have condensed the wisdom of years of testing into design systems.

You’re not better than them. Puncture that enormously bloated ego of yours and use the damn design system, Karen. Especially at the start. You’ll go ten times faster.

Still, heed these two pieces of advice:

Do you want to create a brand new design system for your company?
Don’t. It will suck. Fuck your homemade design system. Use Material. It’s better.

Do you want to embrace a leading design system until it feels like a part of you?
Don’t. It will suck. Fuck your fanboy design system. Fuck Material. You’re better.

Yes, absorb a great design system. And don’t hesitate, for one damn second, to go beyond it. The designers at Google didn’t know your specific users, and your users’ true, deep, personal goals. Only you do. You must serve your user always, the design system never.

Use a design system. And when your user needs you to, fuck that design system right up.

(2) «No-Reply» is the same as «Fuck You»

When you send an email with a “no-reply” address, you’re leaving a flaming shitbag on someone’s doorstep, ringing the doorbell, and running away.

Stop it, Brad.

If you’re worth their…