NEWS: Radical opens on the west coast USA

Photo by Viviana Rishe

Radical Company is delighted to announce the opening of a Innovation Lab in Irvine, California. The Lab will open in July 2018, and will house several ventures from clients across North America.

Ian Wilding Group CEO… ‘Its an incredibly exciting time for the whole Radical team as the expansion reflects the success we are having with clients across 4 continents. Partnering with clients on the West Coast has been particularly challenging in the past given our success relies on a very close ‘in the same room’ way of working. By having a team situated in Southern California we are able to offer the same working model as that enjoyed by our clients in Europe, who continue to realise considerable uplift in value from our work together.

This West Coast Lab aims to replicate the current European services model which has allowed Radical to take products from idea through to full market launch in as little as 16-weeks within some of the most complex and regulated sectors. Radical will continue to promote the importance of small, highly skilled, value focused teams, who are accountable for delivering a positive return on investment for clients.

Radical Company

Radical Company is a digital innovation accelerator. A team of 50 that has delivered over 200 live products, across 4 continents delivering in excess of £1 billion in value for its clients.

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