Radical takes on 3D printing with Plybot

Radical has this month taken a new venture under its wing — Plybot , a self assembly, flat packed, 3D printer for under £50, printing at a speed and quality previously only achieved with machines over £1,000.

Although in the early stages the Plybot has already gained traction with its inventor Josh Mitchell gaining the BBC Young Engineer of the Year 2018 for the product.

Plybot will become one of several ventures now housed at Radical, who continue to apply their skills and experience to rapidly stand up commercially viable businesses.

Ian Wilding, Radical Group CEO….
‘Plybot is an incredible opportunity to create something special. We intend to open up 3D printing to everyone, everywhere, providing something to those people typically put off by the high price, high complexity and low quality of 3D printers.
Plybot is the invention of the hugely talented Josh Mitchell (18!), who since the age of 13 has been building his own 3D printing machines from his bedroom. We fully intend to maximise the opportunity for Josh turning what started as a great idea into an exciting Global business.’

Plybot will be operated from Radical’s new California Lab and supported by Radical’s London team allowing it to leverage relationships and partnerships on both sides of the Atlantic.’

PlyBot is planning for a full market launch later this year.

Watch this space.