WORKSHOP: Find a use case [Drones]

When running innovation labs we often like to explore the art of the possible and get teams to remove the blinkers that often prevent them from considering technologies or initiatives that may (or may not) have a material benefit to their business.

Audience: Financial Service Executives
Step 1: Pick something of interest. It maybe 3D printing. It maybe Drones. It could be Space travel. In this instance lets do Drones.
Step 2: Ask people to find a use case from across their business where the use of drones could create value. They must describe the use case.
Step 3: With a use case identified they now need to identify what value that use case would deliver, and importantly how that value could be measured.
Step 4: With the use case and value drivers identified get everyone to list the facts and assumptions that are underpinning the value proposition. What do we know to be fact, and what do we assume to be true. For each assumption ask how we can validate that assumption.
Step 5: Recap on the work done in the room in particular the use cases that have surfaced, how each use case may activate different value drivers, and the risk and/or opportunity that surrounds use cases with a high assumption count.

Additional materials

Some interesting reference points showing how the thinking can be applied in the real world. This maybe shared before, during or after depending on the response / ideas coming from people in the room as sometimes people can find the exercise tough.

Sberbank delivering money via drone

Drones in insurance

Flying cash machines

Written by Ian Wilding. Group CEO. Radical Company

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