August 27th was approaching fast. When we moved to our temporary home in 2015, we had 61 cases full of things. Most of these weighing more than 20 kilos. This makes more than 1200 kg of things in addition to our furniture. The airline tickets had allowance for 8 bags of 23 kg, one bag of 13 kg (for the baby) and hand luggage, 9 kg per person. All together that makes 242 kg. When travelling for tourism this seems a lot, but not if that is all you get to keep. There was no inexpensive shipping to Ecuador. So we decided to only bring what we could take on the plane.

July 29th we had our big yard sale / goodbye party. People bought half of our things that day. The rest we had to sell later or give away. We had started taking reservations for our furniture two months before that. I felt so grateful to see so many friends and family show up at our party. Knowing that the last weeks in Estonia would be busy with packing, moving out of our home, getting rid of stuff, paperwork and spending some more time with our families. That was our reasoning behind having the party four weeks before departure.

It turned out we were right. The day before our departure was my mother’s birthday. That day I still needed to clean the house and repack our bags. We ended up with nine bags of 23 kg instead of eight and had to store 10 cases of books and other stuff at my parents’ house. We had not been able to sell our old apartment. So I had authorised my dad to make the sale for us. This was a problem, since we were planning on using the money from the sale to get the investor's residency visa in Ecuador.

We still did not know what we were supposed to do in Ecuador or why God was sending us there. Then a few days before going God told me that this was the wrong question. This question was born of the need to know our future and provide us with a sense of security and stability. We needed to trust Him. The question we needed to ask was “who were we supposed to be?”. We already had the answer to that question. This gave me the confidence to face an unknown future.

So it was, we had to wake up at 4am, Sunday morning, take our 3 kids and 14 bags and get to the airport. Some close friends came to see us off in spite of the early hour. I was expecting to to pay for the extra weight at the airport, but the check-in lady was very friendly and let it slip.

After goodbyes we went to the gate hoping the plane would be on time, since we only had 60 minutes of layover in Amsterdam before our second flight to Quito. But since we like adventure and God knows it, our plane was about 35 minutes late on departure.

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