CryptoXmas Cards are now coming with real world unique properties allowing Dapps to support the CryptoXmas Campaign in a whole new way by offering anything between swag and massages! Submit your card to help support Venezuelans in need.

Dec 20, 2018 · 4 min read

A little wei goes a long way

CryptoXmas has now been live on the Ethereum mainnet for 5 days and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our early supporters and donors. The Giveth campaign has a long way to go before it reaches ICO levels, but as this tweet from Bitcoin Venezuela demonstrates, the funds that come in can be stretched pretty far.

Introducing Unique Nifty Christmas Cards

To be able to distribute higher amounts of crypto to the BitcoinVenezuela and the Airdropvenezuela Campaign, we believe we can attract more givers by offering NFTs with unique value-adding properties, inspired by traditional charity fundraising celebrity endorsements. We are therefore thrilled to announce the first batch of Unique Dapp NFT Christmas Cards. Unlike the “rare” Christmas Cards listed on, Unique Christmas Cards:

  • are issued in collaboration with organizations or celebrity individuals in the crypto space.
  • include off-chain perks, qualifying the token holder to a special experience or item, such as DApp-specific swag, conference tickets, resources or services.

Launching first Unique Christmas Cards

Raiden Frost

This token qualifies its holder to get one cup with a surprise content.

The Giveth Unicornflake

Ever been to Sagrada Familia? Come stay at the foot of the cathedral for a weekend at the Giveth Hackerpad in Barcelona.

Santa Whitehat

Get a famous Griff massage for 30 minutes. Your life forever improved.

The imToken Mug

This token qualifies its holder to get one stylish imToken cup.

This token allows its holder entry to DappCon 2019.

Come to China and have a hotpot dinner with the Nervos team!

Dapps: Launch your Unique Christmas Card

We are inviting DApps and celebrity individuals interested in helping Venezuelans in need. By sponsoring your unique Christmas card, you will also raise awareness about your products. Creating a unique Nifty token is easy and free. Not only will you be helping a good cause, but you will also be showing off your awesome brand in a collection of unique cards that live on the blockchain. Simply send us your artwork and description to the off-chain perk. Sounds good? Take a look at our FAQ, see the video on how CryptoXmas works and join our Xmas chat.


Why would DApps launch Nifty Christmas cards?

  • Show the community you are serious about making the world a better place
  • It takes minimal effort, is very easy to do and it’s free

Sounds good, how do I launch this Nifty thing?

  • Submit your image to our artboard
  • Include the Christmas perk as the description of the card, so we can upload it to IPFS
  • Talk to your team about some truly valuable off-chain perks

Which type of unique “off-chain” Christmas perks should we put?

  • A real world promise that is easy for you to keep
  • Something fun that raises attention on social media
  • Keep it simple, don’t overthink it

What should the size of Christmas Cards images be?

  • 800 x 800 .png you can submit the images here.

How is donations made being spent?

The entire price of the NFT (minus gas fees) is donated to our Giveth Campaign and will be distributed to Airdropvenezuela and Bitcoinvenezuela equally. Claim your donation by creating a profile for your Metamask account on and track your crypto contribution to this cause as it makes a real world, positive impact on the lives of affected individuals.

Do you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for improvements?

Find us in our community chat or write to

―the CryptoXmas team


Censorship resistant NFT eCards for greater fun and greater good. 🗿 Join our chat


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✨ Send Crypto Christmas Cards & Support Venezuelans in Need ✨ Join our Chat:



Censorship resistant NFT eCards for greater fun and greater good. 🗿 Join our chat

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