Launching CryptoXmas on Mainnet

Send Crypto Christmas Cards to your non-crypto friends & support Venezuelans in need

Dec 12, 2018 · 2 min read

tl;dr Send unique CryptoXmas cards + ETH to your non-crypto friends by sharing a link. All donations will be distributed to Venezuelans in need, via our charity Giveth campaign.

Our motivation

A gentle first time

While the Ethereum community came up with UX patterns to make owning crypto intuitive & secure, receiving crypto for the first time still involves a lot of manual steps. This sucks. We want normal people with normal browsers to be able to receive ETH from their friends and be guided into the web3. We want to make this first encounter with crypto to be a gently mind-blowing experience.

Crypto for people who need crypto

We want to support Venezuelans, because they need both, immediate help, i.e. food on their tables as well as stable, resilient currency, as foundation for basic trade. This is why we are distributing all donations to Bitcoin Venezuela & Airdrop Venezuela, via our charity Giveth campaign.

Crypto for your friend. Help for Venezuelans.

In our CryptoXmas Dapp you can send crypto Christmas cards. It’s simple:

  1. Choose one of our NFTs. Add a message and ETH for your friend.
  2. Send the card to your friend. Send the donation to Venezuela.
  3. Your friend claims the card and is ready to explore the web3 with you.

Read our readme, to see what happens in the background.

Join our community

We hope we can introduce a lot of new people to the decentralized web and especially help the people who need crypto the most.

If you are feeling creative, we will pay you to design dank memes and beautiful Christmas cards. Complete our bounties, or contribute to the code and we will pay you. Let’s make this Christmas a win-win by helping out Venezuelans in need and gifting ETH to friends, foes and family!

―the CryptoXmas team

Community Chat:



Censorship resistant NFT eCards for greater fun and greater good. 🗿 Join our chat


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✨ Send Crypto Christmas Cards & Support Venezuelans in Need ✨ Join our Chat:



Censorship resistant NFT eCards for greater fun and greater good. 🗿 Join our chat

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