Send Crypto via Links

Send ETH and ERC721 tokens just like a text message

CryptoXmas was born out of our love for Ethereum. We have experienced lots of trouble sharing that love, when attempting to onboard our friends to Ethereum. Usually, the conversation would shift towards token prices, before we could set up our friend’s device to be web3-ready.

We are creating NFT Christmas cards that make it easy and fun to onboard your friends and family to Ethereum, and every NFT also represents a traceable donation to Venezuelan relief efforts. This is, in our opinion, an incredible way to illustrate the value of Ethereum, beyond the price.

Smooth onboarding starts with sending ETH. So we started from there and implemented a flow to make Ethereum onboarding easier using linkdrop technology.

Now, with CryptoXmas, you have a fun way to onboard your friends, before they have even created their first Ethereum address, while donating to a good cause! Receivers simply open the link in a normal browser and get guided through installing a wallet. When opening their wallet, they automatically arrive at the right page to claim their crypto Christmas card. And if the link never is clicked, the senders can claim back their crypto by clicking on the link themselves.

Try it out on or see it live in Mainnet action:

Sending flow

  1. First, the sender buys a NFT Christmas Card by sending ETH to an escrow smart contract. Optionally the sender can add more ETH to send to the receiver.
  2. The escrow smart contract transfers the NFT from seller to the escrow.
  3. The smart contract sends a small amount (0.01 ETH) to an ephemeral account, to pay for the Ethereum network fees. The rest of the NFT price is transferred as a donation to our Giveth campaign supporting Venezuela and leaves ETH above the NFT price in escrow, for the receiver to claim.
  4. Finally, the sender shares the claim link, containing the private key for the ephemeral account, with the receiver. (NOTE: Use a secure, end-to-end encrypted chat app and don’t use this address to store funds!!!)

Receiving flow

  1. If the receiver opens the claim link in a web2 browser, they will be guided through downloading a wallet.
  2. Once in their web3 browser, the receiver submits the claim transaction.
  3. The escrow smart contract now transfers the NFT Christmas card and ETH to the receiver’s address.

It’s never final!

CryptoXmas is a community project. Any idea on updating it is valuable. Join our chat, help us with open coding bounties or simply follow our progress on twitter!

―the CryptoXmas team