Blue Bottle Coffee should replace every Starbucks

Blue Bottle Coffee originated in Oakland, California with the historic vow,

“I will only sell coffee less than 48 hours out of the roaster to my guests, so they may enjoy coffee at peak flavor. I will only use the finest, most delicious, and responsibly sourced beans.”

What started as a single coffee shop has grown into an empire of cafes from California to Tokyo, pop ups, and coffee roasters.They take pride in sourcing sustainable beans, and delivering consumers the best type of coffee customized for each individual. Their mission is to figure out what variety of coffee is best for you, which could be a long and taxing process. Instead, they have condensed the process into a simple one, leaving customers delighted and eager to try their new beans.

Each coffee that is mailed long distance is shipped within 24 hours of being in the roaster. After fourteen years of experimentation they have figured out a way to provide fresh ground coffee to your door. They grind it to exact brewing specifications, then seal it in an oxygen free environment and ship it directly to you! Coffees are recognized by farm and flavor profile, which is unique to each type.

They have two pre-made cold coffee varieties that are sold in and outside of their cafes. Look for the new Orleans style iced coffee and cold brews in a store near you. Their cute, simple designs come in small traditional milk cartons and cans, irresistible to the design friendly consumer.

Quality is their main focus, and it shows in the countless brewing guides on their site. They feature extensive history and educational guides for different brewing techniques such as the nel drip, pour over, and the siphon. In addition to their online educational articles, they provide brewing classes at their stores.

The overall design and feel of their products and their site is sleek and easy to use and get lost in. Simple illustrations are found throughout their site, all the way to their logo. Their packaging color scheme is primarily white with light blue accents. In addition to their coffee varieties, they sell brewing and drinking gear.

Check them out here

Callie Cavanaugh is an IXDMA graduate student at CU Boulder and lead designer at Radici Design, a design studio that builds artisan brands.

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