What happens when you dedicate your life to foraging in beautiful forests?

Noble Handcrafted tonics are produced by Mikuni Wild Harvest. Mi-kuni,

“is the fusion of two Japanese words meaning “Beautiful Forest”. Mikuni has a symbiotic relationship with nature and the variety of edible foods that are found within it. We chose this name to honor the environment in which most of our products grow.”

They are committed to foods of the highest quality foraged from the wild and most sustainable environments.

Noble Handcrafted Tonics contain two aged maple syrups and three vinegars. Tonic 01 is a maple syrup from Quebec that is aged in charred Bourbon barrels. Tonic 02 is a maple syrup blended with vanilla beans and chamomile blossoms. Tonic 03 is a sherry vinegar made with maple, and is considered Mikuni’s most versatile vinegar. Tonic 04 is made with lemons and aged for five years in oak barrels. It is a good, bright finishing sherry vinegar. Tonic 05 XO is similar to a true balsamic vinegar, thick and syrupy, good for finishing. Similar to other Mikuni products, Noble is used and appreciated by chefs around the country.

Noble highlights and defines artisan on their site as

“a person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson. A person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods.”

This is one small homage to their hand selected small batch producers. The five tonics come in thick, stout clear bottles with a cream colored waxed cork securing the top. The elegant, fancy design is translated through the label as well as the bottle. The label is a duotone cream and black, matching the waxed cork. The typography is bold, with a western feel…enriching the nobility of the product.

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Callie Cavanaugh is an IXDMA graduate student at CU Boulder and lead designer at Radici Design, a design studio that builds artisan brands.

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