Announcing Our New Advisor — Ludvig Linge

Advisor — Ludvig Linge
Advisor — Ludvig Linge

Today we are thrilled to announce that Ludvig Linge joins us as an advisor.

Ludvig is a seasoned angel investor and a board member of some of the key players in the ever-growing Swedish tech startup scene, including Propel Capital, Pacemaker and Kivra.

He co-founded The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) which was acquired by Research in Motion (Blackberry) at a valuation of 92M EUR in 2012.

We’ve always admired him as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Sweden since we got to know and work with him at TAT.

We believe that adding Ludvig as an advisor for Radikal.Studio will take us to a whole new level, enabling us to achieve our ambition to build new ventures that radically improve people’s quality of life.

Are you excited to hear more about our journey?

Drop us a line and let’s grab a cup of coffee!

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