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Future Founders Program

Test your business idea without quitting your day job. No fee required.

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Can’t stop thinking and feeling excited about your business idea? Or you’ve found the secret sauce to disrupt your industry?


Are you ready to go all in and try your billion-dollar idea now?

Probably not.

The problem — Too big of a risk

Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of reasons to play safe and stop dreaming.

  • Can you quit your well-paid job?
  • Uncomfortable starting a new business from scratch?
  • Are you okay with no steady income?
  • Did you know that 90% of startups fail?

That’s a real shame. Why can’t we try big ideas without taking a huge risk?

Here’s the good news — we’re here to challenge the status quo.

We believe that by enabling people to try their big ideas without taking a huge risk, we can solve even the biggest problems in the world.

That’s why we’re starting a new program that aims to encourage people like you to be bold and validate big ideas without the risk — and fear — of losing “everything”.

The world needs you to pursue your dreams, however crazy, since that’s what keeps the world moving forward.

Howard Love — The Start-Up J Curve

The solution — Future Founders Program

🚨 Test your big idea without taking a huge risk

Leverage our battle-tested methodology to test your business idea thoroughly then you’ll get money to build it out for real if you successfully pass the whole program. No fee required.

What if you couldn’t pass the milestones in the program?

Then just stay on your job and continue iterating on the idea. You’ve lost no money but got the market feedback to figure out the best possible way forward.

Spend no money. Just bring your brain, passion and grit.

Don’t risk your job, family and even money. You can still try it and see if it’s worth further pursuing i.e. taking a bigger risk. Sounds like a good deal?

Here’s how the program works.

🔍 Discovery phase

Discovery phase of PMF framework

We test your idea thoroughly and collect the market feedback.

  • Business Modeling — Unpack your business idea with Lean Canvas
  • Market Validation — Run quick experiments iteratively to gauge your potential customers’ interest and identify a strong value proposition that resonates with them
  • Customer Interviews —Talk to potential customers to learn about who they really are, their current pains and figure out the minimum feature set to satisfy their primary needs

(Read more about these methods here)

💰 Fundraising

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

Did your business idea successfully pass our validation process? Congrats! 🙌

We’ll help you raise money to bring your idea to market.

  • Pitch Deck — Craft a compelling message and create a pitch deck that resonates with angel investors
  • Investor Pitch — Connect with seasoned investors through our network and make a solid pitch, instead of cold emailing random investors

With us on board, the fundraising process will be a lot easier than you do it yourself as a solo founder (especially if you don’t have any prior startup experience).

⚒️ Development phase

Development phase of PMF framework

Once you’ve successfully raised money with us, it’s finally time to begin an exciting journey together 🚀

  • Co-founding —We co-found a startup, establishing a long-term relationship towards achieving Product/Market fit and beyond
  • Co-building — Leverage our decades of experience to build a world-class product while testing various channels to acquire customers cost-effectively

(Read more about our approach here)

🎁 What’s in it?

All in all, what you’ve got at the end of our program (free of charge) are:

  • A validated business idea (Problem/Solution fit)
  • First customers waiting for your product
  • Money to build the product and grow the user base
  • A solid cross-functional team (you as CEO)

You haven’t even spent your money to reach this milestone (remember, many founders fail to reach this point, even at the expense of their job, money, etc).

Do you think there’s no huge risk to go all in on your vision at this point?

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and begin a startup journey with us?

Become a “Future Founder”

Apply for our “Future Founders Program” — NOW.

Simply send us a message with your story — who you are, what problem you want to solve, also why and how. Just briefly (sorry, we don’t have time to read many long emails).

Heads up: We can’t guarantee everybody gets our response, and will respond to the most promising applications that we strongly believe in.

Looking forward to hearing about yourself and your big idea!



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