Game Intelligence: Unlocking the potential of individuals and teams

Radikal.Studio is partnering with Game Intelligence to together create tomorrows digital cognitive tools for unlocking the potential of individuals and teams.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a highly successful entrepreneur or a highly successful football player? In addition to domain expertise, grit, dedication and hard work, are there any additional traits in play? And if so, would it be possible to measure and predict a person’s performance for complex tasks like these more accurately?

To accomplish complex tasks like these a person needs to be able to navigate the task, to quickly process new information and to be able to change their behaviour when the situation unfolds in unexpected ways. So a prerequisite to be able to succeed with these complex tasks must somehow be associated with the person’s cognitive capacity. These cognitive processes, also known as executive functions, have been studied for decades but mostly assessed for clinical states where executive functions are worsened as a result of a medical condition.

But what about the people that performs above the population average? Would they be a better fit for complex tasks like these? And even better, can we measure and predict a person’s performance based on their cognitive profile for a task at hand?

This is exactly what Game Intelligence, a company founded by cognitive neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, are aimed at solving. Their elevator pitch:

Evidence based cognitive testing and profiling for predicting & developing performance for individuals, teams and organisations.

One of the founders, Predrag Petrovic, recently published a study in Nature Behavioural & Social Sciences where he examined how executive functions relate to successful human behaviour and its relation to the game intelligence in sports, the ability to read a game and quickly adapt the behaviour. He also published an excellent blog post about their work.

Elite soccer players who plays in a national team significantly outperformed those only playing at premiere league level in a cognitive test.

In the study they found evidence that elite soccer players who plays in a national team significantly outperformed those only playing at premiere league level in a cognitive test called Design fluency, which includes measures of creativity and cognitive flexibility (i.e. higher order executive functions).

Game Intelligence is developing digital tools for cognitive testing and profiling. The cognitive tests, compared to traditional intelligence and talent tests, are testing all essential cognitive abilities instead of a more narrow part of cognition. The tests are specifically focused on measuring the ability to adapt to sudden changes when performing a demanding task.

The tests will create valuable insights and data for:

  • People development. Become more self-aware to maximise strengths and to compensate for weaknesses.
  • Team development. Strengthen a team by hiring complementary cognitive profiles.
  • Recruitment. Match the requirements to the job applicants objective cognitive profiles.

Data about a person’s and a team’s essential cognitive profiles have not been available due to the lack of available digital cognitive assessment tools. But Game Intelligence is here to change that.

We at Radikal.Studio think the work Game Intelligence is doing is very exciting and we believe access to objective cognitive profiles will create a lot of positive impacts, like:

  • Non biased recruitments. Assess applicants based on objective cognitive profiles to avoid gender/race biases.
  • Create more efficient teams and organisations. Tailor teams based on the team members cognitive profiles.

Radikal.Studio has decided to invest in and partner with Game Intelligence to create tomorrow’s digital cognitive tools. We are very excited about this investment and what positive impacts it will yield.

Stay tuned to hear about updates from us and Game Intelligence on this journey!

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