Why Radikal.Studio?

We turn your idea into a digital product people love.

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What We Do

The challenge

Many entrepreneurs know that a brilliant idea solves a real and big problem.

However, what they might not know is how to validate the idea by confirming it does indeed solve the right problem in the right way on a sufficiently large scale (a.k.a. Product/market fit).

In fact, most startups fail due to ‘No market need’.

Many people also acknowledge that ideas are ‘worthless’ without strong execution, which is a typical challenge for startups founded by non-tech savvy entrepreneurs (e.g healthcare professionals, academics, etc).

Our solution

We help you validate your startup idea and turn it into a product people love, with our battle-tested product design & development methodologies (inspired by User centred design, Design thinking, Design sprint, Value proposition design, Lean startup, Customer development, Agile, AARRR metrics and more!).

With Digital Health being our main field over the last years, we also help you navigate through the complicated challenges in the healthcare space.

Sweat equity

We’re consultants but when we strongly believe in you, your team and your visions we’re willing to work for equity. The point is that we’re here to get rewarded for the impact we make, not the hours we spend.

Why We Do What We Do

Yes, we’re humble yet ambitious entrepreneurs ourselves, also willing to take risks if it’s what it takes to make a bigger impact on people’s lives.

However, we also acknowledge that we can’t go that far on our own if we want to tackle big problems in healthcare.

Our ambition is to empower like-minded entrepreneurs who need our digital expertise to bring their ideas to life and we also need their expertise (e.g. medical) to create something that really makes a positive impact on people’s quality of life.

After all, we believe that there are many people like us out there and connecting with those who share the same values, beliefs and passions enables us to achieve greater things on a much larger scale.

Want to share your journey with us?

We’re always keen to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and do great things together. Get in touch with us directly and we can have a chat, or visit Radikal.Studio to learn a bit more about us.

Or just follow our journey on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram!

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We invest in early stage Impact startup & co-build digital products with them

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