Future Based on the Studies of Robert Monroe by Val Valerian

Robert Monroe is perhaps most famous for his books Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. A true pioneer in terms of the evolution of human consciousness. The notable work in terms of investigations into the future of man appeared in Far Journeys. In that book, Monroe details his discovery that the Earth is surrounded by “bands” in which individuals congregate after physical death, for varying lengths of time, based on their individual resonant vibration and belief systems. This idea is also quite evident in the work War in Heaven, which details the manipulative control structures related to religious belief systems in some of these interdimensional bands. Monroe’s discoveries about these rings/bands are important because of what he discovers later about them around the time period of 3,000 AD.


Monroe discovered that the Earth was surrounded by several rings, or bands, that appeared deep grey or brown in color, and that these bands were occupied by discarnate or exteriorized entities who either still occupied physical bodies or who had recently left their bodies as a result of the death of the body.


These bands, described in order of their placement and progression away from the planet, appeared to be broken out as follows:


The First Band: The first band appeared to be occupied by entities who appeared to have a preoccupation with distortions of the original survival imprint, and were still bound conceptually to time-space materiality. From the viewpoint of advanced entities Monroe was in regular communication with, this first band reflected “a mass of discordant, undirected thought radiation”. The first band is composed of several distinctly different SUB-BANDS. The first sub-band was occupied by exteriorized entities who still attempted to participate in physical life, albeit with no success, and seemed to be aware of nothing beyond the physical existence they had left.


The second sub-band was occupied by exteriorized entities who were still attached to the physical body in current Earth space-time who were evidently in an out-of-body state, attempting to continue with a physical waking activity. Because of this mode of action, from an more expanded perspective they would seem to disappear from view right in the middle of their activity (on that level) as they awoke back into their physical body.


The third sub-band is occupied by exteriorized entities who have permanently left their physical existence but do not realize it, and are trying to continue a habitual physical existence, often remaining around familiar occupied bodies (still embodied friends and acquaintances) while acting out emotionally-based drives and fears. Monroe viewed this sub-band is one of the major blockages to the flow of human learning experience, and stated that the number of entities in this area will keep increasing as long as specific kinds of “human &#118alues” exist on Earth.


The fourth sub-band is occupied by exteriorized beings who are still attached to the “reality of physical matter” (on the third density), although they do realize that they have become exteriorized. These entities have adopted an “anything goes” attitude and mental framework in which they express themselves through “replicas” of physical reality in unusual and bizzare ways. Monroe illustrated one example of a bizzare manner of expression when he told of coming across a seething, squirming pile of human forms trying to sexually stimulate each other to no avail, since they did not in reality still have a physical body capable of such interaction.


The Second Band:The Second Band consists of exteriorized beings who realize they are no longer in physical form in physical human life, but left their physical life with no awareness or concept that any other possibility for existence exists. Monroe observed that entities in this band appeared to remain motionless and passive, but retained an air of expectancy.


The Third Band:The Third Band, or ring, consists of exteriorized beings who know they have passed through physical death, and still retain a “belief system” relativeto “what to expect” after physical death. It is this area that was mentioned in War in Heaven. Because of this, the Third Band was broken down into innumerable sub-bands coincident with belief-system orientation. From another viewpoint, if a number of people have a similar belief (as propagated in religious belief systems, for example) they all end up creating a “facsimile reality structure” where they all congregate.


This band is perhaps the largest band, and is also a very manipulative place with all the same game-playing and power struggles that went on in physical embodiment on Earth. This band is also the source for the comment “there are many mansions in heaven”. It is also worthy to note that those to “believe” that “there is one life to live and then nothing” congregate at their own resonant level within this band. Monroe described seeing billions of entities, lying in stasis, side by side, in rows. UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT CONSCIOUSNESS, ENERGY AND INTENT CREATE THE NATURE OF REALITY, welcome to a long stay in this area within the Third Band.


The Fourth Band: The fourth band consists of exteriorized entities who are more “advanced” in consciousness than those on the bands below, and have arrived from outside the band areas to prepare for their final human experience on the Earth “below”. From the perspective of those within this band, when an entity on Earth who is advanced in consciousness “dies”, they quickly pass through all the the bands and disappear from perception “in a wink”.


But, why come to Earth in the first place? Earth is not the only place in the universe where there is a time-space reality system, nor does it lie on the only vibratory level where there are space-time realities, but life here (because of the nature of life on Earth and the extreme dualities and polarities involved) represents one of those places that represents a unique challenge to any entity who has problems to work out that require such a location.


According to Monroe, any time-space scenario (of which Earth is a whopper!) has unique aspects which contribute interesting ways to the development of both intelligence and consciousness itself. You won’t find an entity like 6th level Jehovah entities who are even willing to through such experience. Because of that, many entities who reside on other vibratory levels have not developed knowledge of what love, compassion and empathy really are — that’s why they feel the need to be obeyed, worshipped, and identify with CONTROL and MANIPULATION. Going to a level where the NORMAL non-physical rules of existence are suspended is beyond their willingness to give up their identity with control.

門羅認爲,任何時空場景(地球是其中的一大場景!)都有獨特之處,它們爲智能和意識本身的發展提供有趣的方式。你找不到任何一個像第六層耶和華那樣的實體會願意經曆這種經驗。因此,許多居住在其他振動層上的實體并沒有發展出“關愛、同情和憐憫” 到底是什麽的知識,這就是爲什麽他們會覺得需要被服從、崇拜,并認同控制和操縱的理由。如果去一個通常的非物質的存在法則不適用的層次,他們會不願放棄他們對控制的認同。

Next, it requires that you select a propitious birth entry point with appropriate genetic, environmental, social, political and economic patterns that you calculate will ensure realization of the very purpose for your entry into 3rd density, despite the existence of variable that could severely impact the realization of ones purpose, and the whole journey may involve taking certain actions to realign the probable/possible income. Since there are many who seek embodiment experiences (and many who seek to avoid it at all cost), very often a specific kind of birth entry point is not available, and one is presented with less than ideal circumstances. It’s sort of like bungee-jumping without the cord.


Bam! Out of the tube with previous memories veiled and into the light. No longer in your natural state, you suddenly discover that the physical body has severe restraints. A while is spent playing with your toes and other strange appendages, trying to obtain control over them before they obtain apparent control over you (that happens later when “body consciousness” is reinforced to the maximum through social conditioning). In your natural state, energy simply flowed to you. Now you have this overwhelming desire to consume nourishment for the body, amidst a cacophony of sensory overload, genetically-programmed drives (and later, raging hormones), genetically (and later culturally) programmed response patterns which become habit, and genetic memories from anyone who ever had anything to do with the DNA patterns the body is composed of. Combine all of these with pain, pleasure, sexual stimulation and body-driven emotional complexes. What a bungee jump! Where IS that cracker, anyway?


Since you are seemingly stuck in the body, you are subject to various brain learning mechanisms. Primary learning occurs when you focus on something. What you do not have a focus on (when you have a focus on something else) is the “stuff” involved with secondary learning processes, and a third form of input occurs while your body is sleeping and you end up in a brief, non-functional void. Initially, and probably throughout a good part of your life, your attention is motivated by virtue of the pain-pleasure cycle. Then, you go to cultural “school”.


“School” is a process of non-educational programming stressing low-order repetitive experiences and the physical senses, which results in an unnatural situation centered around the knowledge, manipulation and control of physical matter and low-order energy systems geared toward reinforcing survival imprints and social ego-orientation, as well as BELIEF patterns, many of which are not at all based on actual experience, which results in the establishment of a secondary psychological drive in society to “look for what is true”. The process also eliminates any remaining threads of contact with essence-memory and knowledge of your actual origin and identity. Then, you “interact in society”.


Society is where the individual is conditioned to identify with the body and then the ego/image, in that order, and accumulate emotional attachments relating only to expression in a time-space reality, to the degree where a compulsive need develops to re-enter the time-space continuum (trapped on the lower rings, again?) solely for the purpose of satisfying the need to complete physical agenda. “Human” existence can become addictive. The original genetic survival drive of the body becomes further distorted through cultural programming and results in distorted patterns which focus on body protection (where is that gun?), body maintenance (what IS that new aftershave?), sexuality and reproduction, and the need to “protect things” that “one owns” in order to “support the body”. As if that is not enough, sex as a creative act is distorted to the point where it results in irrational and restrictive “attachments” and “commitments” based on cultural ideas that are actually unattainable. But, they don’t tell you that, do they?


The focus on all of this is further reinforced (especially if the skin of the body you inhabit is of a shade that provokes judgement among the unenlightened who identify with the body) by cultural importation of opiate drugs by the controlling powers of society, inundation with neurologically mind-bending pharmaceuticals and the rest of it, all of it designed specifically to keep the attention of your consciousness bound within the purview of the lower three structural areas of the brain, as well as to financially sustain cultural and economic infrastructures based on ego, security, image, sensation and power — — all of which have absolutely NOTHING to do with WHO the entity really IS or WHY the entity is here on Earth in the first place. All of this results in the “search for the meaning of life”, because the creative energy within the essence, the spirit, is functionally diminished to where the SOURCE and ones true identity, is forgotten.

由於這股社會控制力量如鴉片般的灌輸,對所有這些的觀點被進一步增強(尤其你居住于其中的體膚像是一個簾子,它驅使你做出你就是你的身體的愚昧的判斷),再加上那些扭曲精神的神經藥品,所有這些,都特意使你意識的注意力局限于頭腦中較低的三個結構區域中。以及在財務上維持基于自我、安全、形象、感覺和力量的文化和經濟基礎 — — 所有這一切都與這個實體真正是誰、或首先與爲什麽這個實體在地球上毫無關系。所有這些導緻了“對生命意義的尋求”,因爲在本質、靈魂中的創造能量在功能上被漸漸減弱,以至人類忘了自己真正身份和源頭在哪裏。

All of this transforms the previously benign, all-knowing being into a chaotic mixture of reaction-based judgmental complexes, promoting psychological projection (instead of assuming personal responsibility for one’s actions) and synthetic cultural reality to the exclusion of all else. Are you sure you want to come to Earth?


Now you understand why the bands/rings Monroe discovered exist. Don’t worry, we’ll eventually get to the discussion of the future, but we must preface that discussion with the following: How can you escape being tied to the rings once you leave your body? You must realize, truly realize, that you are not your body, that emotional attachments relate ONLY to space-time reality (the cultural environment), you must retain the idea of love and release the idea of sexuality, divest yourself of sexual ties, and “lighten the load” by refusing to bond lasting emotion to any physical act or the actions of other beings, and make an effort to conduct yourself in the eternal NOW.


Furthermore, physical objects exist in space-time to be USED, not owned. We actually “own” nothing and no one — — even the body we use is borrowed material (even if the State decides to establish a chattel mortgage on the body by virtue of the “birth certificate” and its associated cultural adhesion contract, creating a synthetic reality structure it programs us to “buy in to”).

此外,存在于時間空間的物質是給你用的,而不是讓你擁有的。我們實際上并不“擁有”任何東西和任何人 — — 甚至我們使用的身體都是借來的東西(即使國家決定通過“出生證”及其相關文化支持的契約,設立身體動産抵押,創造出一種它意欲我們接受的人造的現實結構)。

The next items to be addressed concerned with “not being ring-bound” are the following:

1. Store the memory, experience and wisdom in life and leave the emotion connected with the experience behind.

2. Recognize that you are responsible for the results of your actions within a space-time continuum.

3. Enjoy the cosmic humor in life.

4. Seek to remove emotional energy from your being connected with pain/pleasure connected memory patterns.

5. Maximize sleep periods, promoting tertiary learning processes, creating a break from left-brain thought patterns and “physical input”.


1. 積累生命的記憶、經驗和智慧,抛棄那些由經驗帶來情緒。

2. 認識到,在這時間-空間連續體中,你對你的行動後果負責。

3. 享受生活中無處不在的幽默。

4. 把 愉悅感/苦痛感主導的記憶模式和與其相連的情緒能量從你的存在中移開。

5. 充分利用睡眠時間,促進第三學習過程,讓左腦思維模式和“物理輸入”暫停運作一下。

When Robert Monroe was taken to a period in his travels to the Earth in the future, around 3,000 AD, he was surprised to learn that the deep gray and brown bands/rings were no longer around the planet. Instead, there was a single flat ring which radiated light of its own accord. The ring was full of communication, but no discordant noise. There were no cities or evidence of any mechanized civilization on the surface of the planet. The air was clean, clear and the ecological balance of the planet was restored. He questioned the entity accompanying him about the environment, and it was said that the ecological balance was restored by design, not by virtue of a disaster followed by random rebound back to health. There were no people at all living en masse on the planet, and this was also by design. In fact, the whole planet was at a different frequency level.


Monroe eventually came across entities on the planet, but they were non-physical and used non-verbal communication. They told him that they did “use” physical bodies on occasion, and that they kept the bodies, which they referred to as “containers”, manifested from thought patterns using any mass at hand, in “energy cocoons” to keep them preserved, ready for use and in good condition. These entities, even while occupying a body, could transmute matter. One of them materialized a piece of fruit, and gave it to Monroe, who consumed it with relish. They told Monroe he could experience “compressed learning modes”, which they defined as being able to experience “earth consciousness” from the viewpoint of every species — they could, in essence, integrate their consciousness at will with any life form, experience that life form, and disengage their consciousness from it. There had obviously been a heavy withdrawal from survival imprints and the “body consciousness” of the civilization of the “old Earth”. They could even have the experience of being “eaten alive” (the genetic memory of horror for humans in a body for millions of years) — and pop out again with ease. There was no need for “sleep”, and they could draw energy from ambient space, whether they used a body or not.

門羅最終遇到了地球上的實體,但是他們是非肉身的,而且交流無需通過語言。他們告訴他,他們偶爾“使用”肉身,他們保留身體,他們稱之爲“容器”,以任何手頭的材料由思想形式顯現爲他們的身體,在“能量繭”中使自己受到保護,隨時可用,而且狀態良好。這些實體,即使在占用身體時,也能改變物質。他們中的一個人物化了一隻水果,並給了門羅,門羅津津有味地吃了它。他們告訴門羅,他能經曆“壓縮學習模式”,他們將之定義爲,能從所有物種的角度經驗“地球意識” — — 在本質上,他們能夠把他們的意識任意與任何生命形式結合起來,以經歷這個生命形式,并能讓他們的意識脫離這個生命。他們顯然從殘存烙印、“老地球”文明的“身體意識”中遠遠撤離了。他們甚至能體驗自己被“活活吃掉”的經驗(體内的數百萬年前人類恐怖的遺傳記憶)而後輕鬆地跳脫這個經驗。他們不必“睡覺”,他們能從周圍的空間吸取能量,不論他們是否使用身體。

Now, this is the interesting part. They told Monroe that entities newly arriving on Earth at that time period first had to experience one human life cycle in a period of time before the changes were made, and then they were allowed to spend time there. Monroe was told that these one-time experiences were going on in the 20th century for some of those destined to return to occupy the dimensional area around Earth in 3000 AD+. Those who graduated from the Earth environment in 3,000 AD did not return to Earth. They no longer needed to experience Earth and could take on physical forms in lessening degrees of density and radiation patterns until they no longer felt the need to do so….on their journey to the infinite growth patterns of consciousness that were developing all the time. Happy Trails!


Source: http://thesource.pixnet.net/blog/post/101560031

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