All hell breaks loose now because some precious life jewels hidden from us, under the name of God and Jesus Christ are found.What we have lost under the hands of the ignoramus murderers, namely the Romans have been retrieved.The sophisticated intelligence lies in word history text book? and I supposed it has been read over and over again, and was never given any recognition?mainly because one of my favorite singers just thrilled people with the sacred melody of, “I’d rather have Jesus more than anything the world affords today.

Thanks to the most high why rules and reigns far above humans — we are out of the darkness of Christ, and are now into luminosity and intelligence of the African historic vernacular.I am going to share the blessings of our ancestry with you now. Frist this is what common history has been telling us all along in National Geographic world history, without our acknowledgement in the following:

In the ‘Role of Religion,’ important religious developments also characterized the new urban civilizations. All of them developed religions to [explain] the workings of the forces of nature and the fact of their own existence. Gods and Goddesses were often believed to be crucial to a community’s success.

The bible lied with criminal intent against the history of man’s fertilization in vitro — in glass tubes by saying a spirit God made man out dust of the ground, and thus mislead the whole western and back into Africa. Today how many people there be can tell you what history says, opposed to the numbers are able to say Genesis fraudulent lies.As you can see the church was spitefully designed to darken our eyes?and that means to disfigure our neurotransmitters ?and to turn us into unnatural and unknowing, groping people against the wall of life.

The African Yoruba peoples in Nigeria, for example, believed that their Chief god sent his son Oduduwa down from Heaven in a canoe to create the first humans.It also reported the Yoruba religion was practiced by many of the slaves transported to the Americas. And what do you know of this religion except that I am presenting it here?I have just learned of it here too in this history text.

Alright I told you those things to bring us to this glittering moment of this read?where you shall feel your hair rise to their follicle-feet.You have to open up to knowing the world history text told us about the early African religion which taught the workings of the forces of nature, and the fact of our existence?just what it means.See what we have been missing in the area of [hormones communication between the brain and the body].

Have you sensed changes in your body and mind frequently, that you can’t prevent and why. Read what is actually taking place on your inner program which your mind only experienced and is a simply recipient or may be considered a cosmic victim of:

The cells circuitry of the brain and its capacity for ‘neurotransmission’ are changed over a course of hours

to days. In this way, the brain adjusts its performance and control of behavior in response to a changing environment.

Hormones are important agents of protection and adaptation, but stress and stress hormones, such as the ‘glucocorticoid cortisol,’ can also alter brain function, including the brain’s capacity to learn. Severe and prolonged stress can impair the ability of the brain to function normally for a period of time, but the brain is also capable of remarkable recovery.

Reproduction in females is a good example of a regular, cyclic process driven by circulating hormones and involving a feedback loop: The neurons in the hypothalamus produce gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), a peptide that acts on cells in the pituitary. In both males and females, this causes two hormones ? the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and the luteinizing hormone (LH) ? to be released into the bloodstream.

In females, these hormones act on the ovary to stimulate ovulation and promote release of the ovarian hormones estradiol and progesterone. In males, these hormones are carried to receptors on cells in the testes, where they promote spermatogenesis and release the male hormone testosterone, an androgen, into the bloodstream. Testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are often referred to as sex hormones. ~~

There you have a venue of jurisdictional thought that you cannot bend, it shows that people only can behave according to the performance of glands and organs activity?not more and not less.

Which person has one ounce of control over biological condition at any time, and when they are ready to have some fun?especially sexual pleasure, able to make neurons in the hypothalamus produce gonadotropin to release hormone, a peptide that acts on cells in the pituitary. In both males and females, this causes two hormones ? the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and the luteinizing hormone (LH) ? to be released into the bloodstream. So as you can see very well, humans and animals are 100% dependent on what the universe planned for anatomical creatures.

We must stay away modern religions, which has aim to lower potency of neurotransmitters to darken imagination and perception. Let me remind you of this religious danger. The illustrative above on hormones communication between the brain and the body, is to make you knowledgeable and wise. When you believe in the religious bibles you kill this understand by thinking the fictional God sends the Holy Spirit to renew your mind and to heal your body. Don’t buy into those follies.