The author wrote: Staggering new evidence of an astonishing science that flourished in mankind distance past — according to renowned book “Genesis Revisited” by Zechariah Sitchin. It poses this question; “Is modern science catching up with ancient knowledge?”

The white men’s hatred for Black people developed lately in the A.D. nascent colonial times, when Blacks had long ago achieved the depth of worldly knowledge.

Do you know of any Black people who were among the colonial gladiators, hunting for wealth; or just those greedy narcissistic white men going after what they didn’t have? but to seize Black people’s treasure.

My point is people are to know Black people have been in history for many thousands of years, living by the ancient knowledge pertaining to the workings of the forces of nature, and by the fact of their own existence — as king, prince, queen, princess and empress.

E.g., the Babylonian Creation Epic: Enuma Elish, has said some civilized and lasting things which indicate the prominence of Black people on earth, long prior to emergence of other races yet; and the following states:

“Echo on earth the customs of heaven. Black-headed men will adore him on earth, the subjected will remember their god; at his word they shall worship the goddess. Let offerings of food not fail for gods and goddess, at his command. Let them serve the gods, at his command, work their lands, build their houses. Let the Black-headed men serve the gods on earth without remission; while as for us, in the multitude of his name he is our god.Let us hail him in his names, let us hail his by his fifty names, one god.He created man a living thing to labor forever, and gods go free.

Today if you care not to appreciate the words of the ancient historic records, you have left your door of life open to the madness of the Johnny come lately white men, to victimize you.The milieu on earth was fine before the White contaminated men became the Devil, hate innocent Black-headed people and turn weapon specialist, aimed at destroying people.

In the white men’s gross ignorance claiming to be God; have polluted the people, and even the earth itself. Then they demand all people of the earth to bow down in reverence to them who are the evil individuals. There was no God as creator of before the white men of colonial hatred of Black-headed people. Female and male had sex to primarily reproduce children naturally, the world population kept low. Then the by-polar white men came, in and turn natural ways of decent living into pig filth, with everything sets to glorify themselves as superior people, all others inferior they say.

It is unthinkable for the world’s population to accept the white men’s scornful narcissism, full of putative destruction. What sense does it make to ask all non- white people to live under the white men’s supercilious purview, as though it is societal norm? Amazingly 2015 has ebb people’s thinking to the point, walking on their heads is as being on feet…ridiculous! You don’t hear anyone raising hell and protesting that white hate must stop. Why is that — oh no, they avoid the historic issue all together. That means the white men’s psychosis becomes civil purview. But the evidence is this purview is full of putrefying wounds that never heals.

The gods I read about in supra, treated the Black-headed men and women with dignity — why these white men initiate such unprovoked hatred to Black-headedpeople, especially that their own God in their bible said the following:

Matthew 23:11, the greatest among you will be your servant.

King James Bible But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.

This proves the white men who hijack Alkebulan vernacular and its religion; are hypocrites and real criminals. Instead of doing upright deeds here is what they indulged.

A new doctrine of universal labor: mankind were of two sorts — the superior and the inferior; the inferior toiled for the superior: and the superior were the real men, the inferior half men or less. Among the white lords of creation there were “lower classes” resembling the inferior darker folk. Where possible they were to be raised to equality with the master class. But no equality was possible or desirable for the “darkies.” In line with this conviction, the Christian Church, Catholic and Protestant, at first damned the heathen blacks with the “curse of Canaan,” then held

out hope of freedom through”conversion,” and finally

{Acquiesced in a permanent status of human slavery}

{Acquiesced in a permanent status of human slavery}

{Acquiesced in a permanent status of human slavery}

Luxury and plenty for the few and poverty for the many was looked upon as inevitable in the course of nature. In addition to this, it went without saying that the white people of Europe had a right to live upon the labor and property of the colored peoples of the world. (This proves the white men are not honest but criminals)

Not all white people agree with the white men’s doctrine, but they are pushed to the side as Negro lovers.

The white men’s Church fled uptown to escape the poor and black. Jesus laughed — and wept.

The aloft Indo-European white men hoist themselves in every division of society, not on cognitive skills, but on a twisted mentality, and the haughty spirit always went before a fall.

In home and school the legend grew of this song, “masterful giant with mighty intellect, clear brain, and [unrivaled moral stamina], who was conducting the world to the last heights of human culture.

Yet within less than half a century this magnificent self-worshiping structure had crashed to the earth.

Why was this? It was from no lack of power. The power of white Europe and North America was unquestionable. Their science dominated the scientific thought of the world.The white men fell to the earth and are still down, it’s because weapon intimidation able to make certain things appear to hold them up. But they are as nasty as they want to be, and more criminal than millions care to see.World War of 1914, the 30s economic depression and World War #2 so disastrous today people have suppressed it, for some stupid reason people adore the white men skin aha, it has to be skin, as you have read they had power and best science yet lacked vital administrative knowledge, they fell to earth. Are the white men following World History? You look on the condition of the world today; from 1 to 10 what is your highest score for the white men domination of Earth.

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