Reading an article date March 2015, moving through the court in Tallahassee, Florida ? is a law that would make it illegal to use a drone to spy on citizens.The proposed law would make it illegal for the government and police to use drones for surveillance. But, unfortunately the ban would only apply to private property and only to places where someone has “a reasonable expectation of privacy.” Here is the deal though, if you were in so called public space such as your front yard, a drone pilot could take all of the pictures they want. But if you’re behind your fence or in your house, you could sue someone who takes pictures of your family. The problem with that is? how would we know if someone is taking pictures of us in our back yard? Although it is illegal in Florida for law enforcement to gather evidence for court using a drone it does not mean that law enforcement will desist from using Drone to gather information on you. They can still watch you but the information gathered by the Drone would not be admissible in court. Of course you know there will be exceptions like in cases of emergencies, terrorist threats, searches for missing people and warrant. Since Drones technology is becoming available to all, I see another need for concern it is the use of Drones private citizens. Individuals are using Drone as hobby but what is there to stop us from using it to spy on the neighbor s?” Can you imagine you are sun bathing in your back yard, and you look up and there is a Drone hovering overhead? Presently, as it stands now, there is no law that prevents or protects us against this kind of invasion. If you have a nosy neighbor they could make your life a spectacle without you even knowing. They could film your every move and even follow you around. Call me a fear monger if you wish.