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RadioPublic partners with Súbela Radio

Jake Shapiro
Jun 19 · 2 min read

One of the most exciting opportunities in podcasting is the growth of the medium internationally, as we see the pioneering of new voices, languages, and formats develop globally. RadioPublic is a leading showcase for diverse independent podcasters, supporting discovery, engagement, and monetization to help them build creative and impactful businesses.

So we are excited to announce our partnership with Súbela, the leading digital radio and podcasting platform of Chile, the country with the fastest growing podcast audience in the world . Since 2011, Súbela has provided Latin American listeners with fresh new audio, and their music and talk programming received over two million downloads across their ten shows last year.

As podcast listenership grows outside of the United States, Súbela’s understanding and network of Latin American podcasts brings new podcasts and new listeners to the ever-expanding podcast landscape.

On a personal note, I’ve long known Súbela’s remarkable co-founder Felipe Heusser through our shared Berkman Center orbit and am happy our collaborative aspirations have finally started to blossom!

We’re kicking off this partnership on a few fronts:

Our first Podsites in Spanish. 30 of them, to be exact. Browse some of Súbela’s podcasts like:

Working with the Súbela team also means that we’ve made Podsites localized in Spanish available for all.

A curated collection of culture podcasts from Latin America. Read the article in English on RadioPublic’s site and in Spanish on Súbela’s blog, and listen to all the podcasts in this collection on RadioPublic.

Originally published at http://about.radiopublic.com on June 19, 2019.


We help podcasters build their business and listeners discover great stories

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We help podcasters build their business and listeners discover great stories