Grow your podcast audience, one website visitor at a time

Move those web visitors to become listeners and (email) subscribers

Matt MacDonald


What if… there was a way to know that your web visitors were interested in hearing more from you? There’s a perfect moment for them to demonstrate that they want to hear more: while they’re listening. We’ve beta launched advanced listener acquisition, encouraging email submission for curious web visitors that have indicated an interest in spending some quality time with your show, for podcasters using RadioPublic PRO.

You’ve been to those websites. The ones that within seconds overtake your screen with a “Well, don’t you want to sign up for my newsletter?” before you even get to look at anything.

Popups and full-screen takeovers might be effective (some really are) but they can also be terribly annoying if poorly implemented.

What they’re getting right is that if someone is visiting your website, they might be interested in the things you have to offer. And there’s a chance that they might, but the timing of that request, however, is important. When you ask someone to share something with you, it’s good to know that they’re interested in the question first.

Oh hay there, do you like my podcast?

Striking the balance between respecting your visitors and asking a small, helpful question requires some thought and intentional design. For a podcast, listening is a strong sign of interest in hearing more from you. We want your visitors to become listeners, who become fans and adore you—remember, listening is an act of love—and their first experience with you should not send them scrambling to close the tab, never to return again.

Your email newsletter deepens relationships with your fans, and that small question—Will you sign up for my newsletter, please?—is part of your ongoing strategy of building, engaging, and retaining a fanbase.

We’ve added a new, powerful email acquisition tool for RadioPublic PRO users. Think of it as a turnstile of sorts, one that helps you ask for contact information from your visitors, and you get to decide if you want it to be a polite suggestion or a hard requirement.

Here’s how it works:

The Civilized podcast uses advanced listener acquisition to encourage visitors to participate in a choose your own adventure email campaign.

A potential listener visits your podcast website for the first time. They read the logline and your host bio, and they’re intrigued: what’s this podcast sound like? They click play on one of your “start here” episodes, and a few seconds later, they’re asked to support your show by providing you with their email address.

They might think, “Yes, absolutely, I like what I’m hearing and I want more, thanks for asking!” and share their contact info with you. Once they do, you get a message with their email address. Win!

If they’re not ready for that step, they can dismiss the modal (if you’ve opted for a soft request) and continue listening, or continue browsing your site (if you’ve opted for a hard requirement). Either way, a visitor has chosen to continue engaging with you on their terms, and you can ask them to support you in other ways later.

It’s easy, respectful, and hopefully mutually beneficial for all: they get an awesome podcast to listen to—yours!—and you have a way to continue connecting with them in the future.

Would this advanced listener email acquisition tool be helpful to you? Send us an email with the subject line “Listener email acquisition” to to set yours up today.

This powerful relationship building tool is standard with all RadioPublic PRO accounts, and you can start your free trial today by logging into your RadioPublic dashboard.

Originally published at on October 30, 2019.