Increase your podcast’s discoverability with a Podsite™

Matt MacDonald
Feb 13, 2019 · 3 min read

New podcast listeners are different from existing podcast listeners: how to use a podcast listening app, how to follow a show (and why they should do that), where to begin listening… these all seem commonplace to you as podcast creator and listener, but for a new listener these things are all unfamiliar concepts.

Imagine this: after enthusiastically talking up your podcast at a party to a future fan of your show, you two part ways. You’re walking on air — one new podcast listener, coming right up! — but your conversation partner leaves a little quizzical. They’ve heard of a podcast, but aren’t really sure what it is or how to begin listening, but you sold it well so they are ready to try their first podcast(!!) This really curious new listener will do a web search for your show name, and hopefully, where they land will guide them through the rest of the steps to press play on your podcast.

And that’s where your podcast website comes in.

Introducing Podsites™: a custom website builder just for podcasters

Web search is the gateway to podcast discovery that you—yes, you!—have within your control to find and increase your audience. Your beautiful podcast website makes a great first impression when a new listener finds and plays their first episode, making sure that what they see and what they hear will blow them away (and turn them into a forever fan of podcasts, starting with yours).

Now, you can spend less time on your website and more time on your podcast by creating your own Podsite. With a simple setup, you’ll look like a PRO instantly- all you need is your podcast’s RSS feed to get started!

Your Podsite comes with many features to make your podcast look professional:

  • Beautiful design: Podsites are fast, responsive, and optimized for mobile.
  • Automatic updates: The site updates whenever you publish a new episode.
  • Best foot forward: Highlight a trailer and starter episodes for listeners.
  • Continuous play: Audio continues playing as listeners browse your website.
  • Convert samplers to subscribers: The design guides web visitors to follow your show.
  • SEO optimized: Listeners can find your show on Google and other search engines.
  • Your custom domain name: It comes free with your Podsite so you can send people to

Beyond a beautiful, simple-to-set-up website, your Podsite helps you reach two very common aspirational goals in podcasting: understanding your audience and earning money.

Understand your audience

With your Podsite, you’ll know how many of your website visitors become podcast listeners, what episodes are performing better than others, and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Earn money

Your podcast listeners are a revenue stream for your show, and both first-time and long-time listeners can help you fund your podcast.

Your Podsite serves as a gateway to two of RadioPublic’s tools that financially support podcasters. Enroll your podcast in the Paid Listens program, and get paid every time your podcast is heard in the RadioPublic app. You can also receive direct financial support from your audience with Listener Tips.

For long-time fans, you can also promote your podcast’s merch and live events, right on your Podsite.

Does a beautiful podcast website sound good to you? Start making a Podsite for your podcast right now.

Originally published at on February 13, 2019.


We help podcasters build their business and listeners discover great stories

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We help podcasters build their business and listeners discover great stories

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