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A Public Benefit Corporation

Jake Shapiro
Sep 16, 2016 · 3 min read

RadioPublic is a podcast startup, building apps for iOS and Android for you to find and listen to audio from everywhere.

RadioPublic is a Public Benefit Corporation, which means that in addition to our ambition to create a successful venture we have a mission to help benefit society that is core to our values, our business, and our strategy.

Our mission, as embedded in our certificate of incorporation, is:

To help listeners discover, engage with, and reward creators of stories, podcasts, and other audio.

We share public media’s educational, artistic, and journalistic mission, and the democratic values of open access to information.

We are committed to operating a platform that fairly values creators’ work, respects users’ privacy and information rights, and benefits all participants.

This We Believe

We love podcasts, public radio, and the Internet.

Radio is shifting from broadcast to on-demand, much like video and music before it. Billions of mobile devices, connected cars and connected homes are the new transistors and receivers.

And now everyone is a potential storyteller.

We believe podcasting — audio files delivered via the open protocol of RSS — will thrive as an open ecosystem for diverse and creative voices across entertainment, journalism, and communication of all kinds.

But we also believe podcasting must evolve to realize its full potential.

We want to fuse podcasting with the simplicity, serendipity, and community of radio. And we want to unlock the immense value of podcasting’s latent link economy — the embedded web of information, relationships, references and sharing that is currently trapped in audio files and limited data.

RadioPublic is dedicated to the transformation of radio into the open and networked world of podcasting and the Internet.

We will help you discover, engage, and reward.

Who We Are

Together with our founding partner PRX, RadioPublic forms a hybrid enterprise serving both creators and listeners, as a non-profit 501c3 (PRX) and a for-profit PBC (RadioPublic).

RadioPublic’s board of directors is Jake Shapiro, Bob Mason, and Kerri Hoffman.

RadioPublic’s investors are Project11, New York Times, UP2398, Graham Holdings, Knight Enterprise Fund, American Public Media, McClatchy, Matter Ventures, and Homebrew.

Read more about our Team (including open positions), Our Approach, Press.

How We Make Money

We are focused first on ensuring that listeners and creators find value and help us reach a level of use that makes revenue viable. RadioPublic is a generative, not extractive platform: only when we are able to create enough value for participants and RadioPublic’s contribution is clear, will we take a percentage of revenue or charge for our service.

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We help podcasters build their business and listeners discover great stories

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Jake Shapiro

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Co-founder of 4 ventures @radiopublic @podfunding @prx @mattervc and 3 kids! Fellow @ashoka, @BKCHarvard #zebrasunite


We help podcasters build their business and listeners discover great stories

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