The Gentleman Of Hip Hop, Atlanta Rapper Trevis T. Gets Cozy With Me And Chats About His New Album MEDICATION MUSIC

Meryana Tamera
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12 min readOct 11


by Meryana Tamera

I’m thrilled to welcome back to the RADIOSPARX STUDIO, the wonderful Atlanta Rapper TREVIS T, who’s just released one of his defining albums “MEDICATION MUSIC”.

I invited him for an ‘In Bed With Meryana’ session — so we can cozy-up together and share confidences. To be clear, Trevis T. is NOT in his bed — he’s rushing around ATLANTA, GEORGIA, US — getting things done. I’m snuggling down in London, UK — with my headphones and laptop, under my quilt, listening to the dulcet tones of the GENTLEMAN himself, Trevis T as we talk via WhatsApp. So, while Trevis T is not actually in bed with me, he’s in my cozy zone as we talk. Enough said.

RADIOSPARX: TREVIS T. We’re big fans of yours, and we love your holistic attitude to music, life, lyrics, rapping, language, art and all things creative. We’ve interview you before — where you taught our readers how to rap — and I’ll link this article here. First up, I’m curious — what’s your philosophy on life — do you have any personal mantras?

TREVIS T. It’s great to be back with you Meryana, and I’m glad you’re cozy in London. As you said, I’m always on the move around Atlanta, always doing stuff, helping others with their projects, moving between spaces and that’s part of my energy. On my philosophy, I’m an eternal optimist. I can sum up this optimism, in this straight-forward sentence:

“Follow your passion and do what needs to be done to make your dreams a reality. Keep going.”

RADIOSPARX: I love that. Passion equals energy, right. It was WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY yesterday — October 10, 2023 — and you wished me a ‘Happy World Mental Health Day’ and sent me some good energy, some lovely vibes over WhatsApp — which I really appreciated, as I am very focused on better Mental Health for everyone too. You come across as a spiritual soul; tell me, as a little boy, what were your aspirations? Do you remember what you wanted to be when

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