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7 Misconceptions About Software Development

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Software development has become an attractive option for businesses across the globe, given the significant reduction in operational costs it offers.

According to a report, the IT outsourcing market in India is expected to reach 98 billion in 2022. It goes without saying that this growth trend will be observed across the globe. But is it just reduced costs that have made Software Outsourcing so desirable? And why are so many companies still wary of deploying software to their business operations?

This article attempts to elucidate the seven key misconceptions about software development from an enterprises’ perspective and why your enterprise, too, should partner up with a software outsourcing company.

Misconception 1: Low Agility and Quality

It is well known that the agile methodology positively affects the achievement of a quality product. A development environment that follows ‘agile’ principles allows for enhanced collaboration between teams overseeing strategy and the actual IT development team. This, in turn, results in high speeds, high team productivity, and efficiency.

Following the agile methodology, engineering and testing teams focus on detecting and fixing vulnerabilities and bugs, ensuring that they receive a product that meets all enterprise requirements and goals.

The agile methodology helps establish a resilient process that ensures the achievement of promised sign-offs in the SLA.

Misconception 2: Not Future-ready

Today’s market environment demands that enterprises adopt digital transformation to remain relevant and keep pace with the ongoing rapid shift in technology.

A Gartner report states that by 2021 7.6 billion people will have 100 billion connected devices, which will, in turn, run 1 trillion applications in totality. An ideal outsourcing partner can bring all the necessary expertise to create next-gen solutions to meet unique business needs, e.g., Deploying predictive analytics to pinpoint events that trigger traffic surges.

Misconception 3: No Effect on Costs

Offshore software development outsourcing results in massive cost savings, given that skills and expertise, which cost $100/hour in the US, can be found at the same quality standard at just $55/hour if outsourced offshore to a high tech-literate country like India.

Developers in countries like India work at salaries that are much lesser than their counterparts in the US or the UK, given that the cost of living is much lower in developing countries.

By even the most conservative estimates, enterprises can save a very large amount of money dollars in training, benefits, depreciation, support, and rent.

With software development outsourcing, an enterprise can reduce the cost of overall application development from the standpoint of labor costs as well as the total cost of ownership.

Misconception 4: No Adherence to Timelines

A product development lifecycle can prove quite time-intensive. Based on the scale of the project and specific use cases, a cross-platform hybrid app would take a few months to reach deployment. At the same time, the development of complex platforms that utilize technologies like AI and ML could stretch out over several years.

Choosing to outsource an enterprise-grade application to an experienced outsourcing partner can accelerate its time-to-market.

Augmenting an in-house team is not always advisable if time is a constraint in your development initiative, as that would mean maneuvering through the hurdles of recruitment and onboarding, which are inherently time-consuming.

According to industry standards, an ideal software development outsourcing company can deliver an MVP in 12 weeks by following the agile approach. With the immense risk of idea theft, hitting first-to-market is key to the success of all enterprise development initiatives, and hence rapid delivery is highly desirable.

Misconception 5: Diverts Focus from Core Business Tasks

Enterprises often go wrong by diverting overt resources and time to application development and the technologies used. Such a diversion can result in the enterprise losing focus on their initial idea and the core processes of their business. This can prove to be greatly counterproductive.

With software development outsourcing, an enterprise can shift its focus from application development, which isn’t its forte, and pay more attention to core business processes like brand building and market research to provide high-value service to its customer.

With the technology part of software development being the outlook and responsibility of the development partner, enterprise leaders can decide on solution requirements that fit their goals.

Misconception 6: Not The Right Fit

It is a typical misconception that software development outsourcing is gainful only to larger companies. However, companies of all scales, from startups to Fortune 500 organizations, outsource their software development ventures.

While larger companies deploy offshore development groups to mitigate locational hazards, small and medium businesses outsource to cut costs on human resources, infrastructure, etc. Whatever the business use case, industry vertical, or size of the undertaking, software development outsourcing can prove to be the perfect fit for businesses of all sizes.

Misconception 7: No Trustworthy Partners

As software development grows in popularity, an ever-increasing number of organizations have begun to outsource their development initiatives. Contrary to the belief that outsourcing partners are on the prowl to steal your Intellectual Property or data or both, most software development partners offer effective security measures in the form of strict NDA’s and a clear IPR retention for their clients.

While there are companies out there that might shut shop while in the middle of your development project, most development partners are dependable and highly capable, we suggest perusing through listing sites like Clutch that provide clear insight into the capabilities of your prospective partner in the form of reviews, client testimonials and portfolios.

Therefore, outsourcing your enterprise software development, maintenance, and support to a trusted software development partner is a viable solution.

The Takeaway

With the endless opportunities offered by software, right now is perfect, to begin with, software development. If you’re prepared to accomplish your software development goals with more enhanced cost-effectivity, nuanced control, and augmented business potential, hiring software developers and opting for software development outsourcing services is the perfect solution.



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