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Tips to Choose the Right Software Development Partner

A brief guide to make an informed decision while choosing a software development outsourcing partner

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Today, continuous tech innovation is the norm. if you as a company choose to side-line tech innovation while your competitor doesn’t, you are putting yourself at risk. In the global marketplace, it has become a known practice to use technology in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

But for a successful tech innovation strategy, you need to bring in a team of experienced professionals and that too at a cost that isn’t astronomical.

Here is where software development outsourcing steps in to save the day. Enterprises irrespective of their size outsource their technological requirements and their technology partners optimize business processes and maximize revenue.

But the real challenge comes while choosing the right software solution for your business.

There is no shortage of Software development outsourcing companies. There is no exact recipe of the right partner since choosing one would depend on the situation specific requirements.

We have therefore collated a brief guide for your reference so that you can make an informed choice while choosing your Software development outsourcing partner. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

  • What do you expect from Software Development Outsourcing-

Be clear about what you want to achieve with software development outsourcing and it will be a lot easier moving forward. Receive suggestions from your potential providers based on your requirements. They may suggest additional optimizations, or they may have more strengths than you initially anticipated thus adding value.

Be specific about what you expect from this relationship. What skills would best fit your project requirements? Some companies only cover development, leaving the business side to the client. Others offer more varied services that go beyond software development.

So if you’re looking for a complete solution that includes consultations with business analysts, project coordinators, designers, testers, or even insights into machine learning or data science, then the capabilities of the company already are a critical factor in searching for a tech partner.

  • Research and then Re-search

One of the key factors for successful software development outsourcing is mutual trust. Therefore it is imperative to get a thorough understanding of the expertise and ownership of the company, as well as of the management team. After all, the values and experiences of the founders radiate throughout the whole business year after year.

The best way to see if a partnership can work out is to find out for yourself. You can arrange meetings in which the provider can enumerate what he has to offer. These meetings could be video conferences so that all of what is being said is carefully noted.

You could also read client reviews and opinion posts to see if the organization has really been delivering what it promises to do.

  • Evaluate processes, tools & costs

A good understanding of your processes is as important as understanding how your potential partner works. In some cases, you may want to keep your own processes, and in some cases, you may want to adopt some of the methods of your partner.

There are a couple of important factors that could come into play here. First, which organization has the more mature and organized way to produce high-quality output efficiently; and second, what degree of involvement you would expect to have with your dedicated team.

Will it be a provider-managed team or a client-managed team? A suitable provider partner will hopefully teach you as much as they’re going to learn from you on the processes and business sides. The same is true for the tools used in both organizations.

Radixweb a company that aces at software development outsourcing offers the right mix of cutting edge technology, a team of intelligent developers, clear, transparent and streamlined processes along with a consulting approach that keeps the objectives of the client foremost.

Here are essential processes to understand before choosing a software development partner:

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  1. Approach to a project

Understanding how the provider approaches a new project will equip you with key insights on how you can prepare yourself and for that transition.

2. Hiring process

Get your potential provider to explain their hiring process, and how they select the best possible candidate for each project.

3. Onboarding

The onboarding process should encompass a review of the processes, reporting, expectations, standards, and all other elements that fall into the project.

4. Teams composition and dynamic

All companies have varying degrees of maturity and skills in their teams. Given the project objectives, your provider needs to understand your setup, strengths, and weaknesses to make sure that they can complement where there is a need for the collaboration to go smoothly.

5. Ability to scale up and down

If you plan to grow rapidly, ensure that you understand how they manage their “bench” and at what rate they can hire in any of the locations where they operate.

6. Communication Channels

Fluid communication is critical to the success of your project. Possessing a transparent process augmented with the right tools to enhance communication and collaboration is essential.

7. Cost effectiveness

Regarding costs, you should be able to reduce them by half on average, and reduce your burn rate for the same output. If you then add the benefits given above, the value for money you get out of a good partnership is even greater.

Keep in mind that the additional leverage you get from working with an outsourced partner is that you have flexibility in your team. This means that your payroll is not necessarily a fixed cost, but can become variable depending on your needs.

A report mentions that the cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house development team is 3.5 times more than outsourcing the project to a software development outsourcing company

8. After-sales Support

Software bugs, glitches and breakdowns be it small or large would result in business loss. Ask your software development partner how they plan to handle updates and upgrades after the software is released. They should provide you good after-sales support service to maintain the health of your software.

What we can do for you-

So now you know where and how to start as well as how the Company- outsourcing partner relationship is going to continue. It is important to perform due diligence, neglect no criteria and take time to get to know your provider, so that you can reap optimum returns from your software development outsourcing project.

We at Radixweb have 20 years of experience in conducting multiple IT outsourcing projects for 2900+ clients spread across 25 countries.

Even before we start work on a project, we strive to provide a clear understanding of the needs and expectations on both sides. Software that you are going to have built is a long-term investment and the software company you choose is a partnership.

A software solution is not just a once-off cost, but continuous improvement and transformation are what makes a solution valuable to your business.



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