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Cory Roberts
Jan 29 · 7 min read

Comics, art, and graphic design

What programs do you use to create comics, illustrations, and graphic designs?

I use an iMac 27 inch (2017 model) and I spend a lot of time using Clip Studio Paint EX and XP-Pen Artist Display 15.6 Pro. I use assets from Clip Studio. Photoshop and Illustrator can still be used to design logos, book covers, and other things. For the comic scripts I use Pages.

There are still plans for Adobe Creative Cloud but will have to be put on hold as Adobe still hasn’t released a statement that their apps would be Catalina compliant. If you still have Adobe CC on your iMac/MacBook Pro, it is recommended that you hold off the updating.

For the traditional tools I use Staedtler mechanical pencils (925 05), Prismacolor Premier pens, Tombow Brush pens (hard and soft), Prismacolor Art Markers (set of 48), Sakura Gelly Roll white pens, and Staedtler Art Markers.

How did you learn to draw and design? What are your influences?

I am self-taught. I never went to college or university. I’ve been drawing all my life since I was 16 but never stopped. If you want the influences on how I developed my own art style, you can click here (it’s better to list them rather than using this shindig).

Why did you start purchasing commercial fonts?

In order to avoid the overuse of free fonts and keep being original, Rad Kitsune Studio must start purchasing commercial fonts, which are always a one-time payment and not a subscription. If you read the font designers’ or foundries’ EULA prior to purchasing fonts, you can go ahead and use them. I have a how-to guide to reducing font piracy here. Some of the free fonts will still be used, but not that much.

Why do you refuse to offer any NSFW content?

Rad Kitsune Studio will not offer any kind of adult content. I want the biggest possible number of people to see my artwork and webcomics, and I don’t want to have something in my works that might make someone uncomfortable or get flagged as adult content by social media giants such as Patreon and Ko-fi.

People want to draw what they want to draw and write what they want to write, but NSFW is not my thing. So, yeah, no NSFW or lewd content, meaning no skimpy stuff, no fetishes, no large breasts on women, and no erotica.

I want the origin of your pen name “Samurai Cory”.

The pen name Samurai Cory (侍コーリー or さむらいコーリー) comes from the fact that I used to spend some time playing Sengoku Musō/Samurai Warriors 3 on the Nintendo Wii (English voices, no longer in print due to the discontinuation of the PS3 and the Wii) and Sengoku Musō/Samurai Warriors 4 on the PS4 (since Koei Tecmo decided not to include an English dub since the fourth game but keep the English text/subtitles for localization, possibly due to cutting localization costs).

Why are the main characters in your webcomics are children and teenagers?

In reality, many of the shonen/shojo anime and manga characters (including video games developed by various Japanese video game companies) are usually under 18 years old. So the main characters in my works are between the ages of 12 and 19 years old.

Are any of your characters in your works are lesbian, gay, transgender, genderqueer…?

No, none of these. They are always straight (BxG and GxB only!).

Can I draw your characters from the webcomics you created?

Of course! No need to ask for permission, but please make sure that you don’t draw anything NSFW or lewd on my characters. Remember to credit me (if you’re posting outside of the sites I am on): samuraicory.carrd.co. If you post it on Twitter, tag me as @Samurai_Cory so I can see your artwork!

Why does your main character always wear high tops and always wear some form of red?

Red is heroic (T-shirts, tank tops, plaid shirts). My main character always wears high top sneakers, too.

Why do you enjoy drawing ultra-baggy clothes and 1990s sneakers on the characters?

I wanted to make the characters that they are in the modern world (except certain fan art) because I often wear ultra baggy clothes instead of skinny jeans for my characters.

Why do some characters in your works always leave their shoelaces untied?

They wanted to fix a girl’s broken hearts . . . or they don’t care about tying their shoelaces as they would either walk/run with their shoelaces untied, as they are often used as a fashion statement (in reality, they will trip and fall, but in the Rad Kitsune universe, they will not trip and fall, except they will use either elevators or stairs instead of the escalators).

Why are your art commissions so expensive?

My mom is retiring (and she wants me out of the house soon)! You know that I need money to purchase more clothes and things and save money to move out of the US, right?

Do your characters wear any socks?

They do most of the time, but sometimes they do not wear any socks at all which is common for most anime/manga characters, instead they will wear their untied sneakers without wearing any socks, or wear socks with Teva/Birkenstock sandals. I do not add grays (or colored parts/black lines) to the heels/toes of their socks at all (and you shouldn’t either). It looks more like crap. Most of the anime/manga and video game characters from Japanese companies nowadays do not wear any socks (except the school uniforms in Japan that involves wearing socks).

Do you have any advice for young artists?

Keep drawing, but there are how-to-draw books made by Chris Hart and others.

Do you do commissions?

I do commissions here! Please remember to read the commissions terms, and do not ask me if the commissions are open. Just send the request!

Your character designs for your webcomics look very similar to others from anime/manga and video games. Did you copy them?

No. Absolutely not.

The characters for my webcomic projects are totally original designs. I use models of characters from anime/manga and video games. Any character who has similar styles (clothing, hairstyle, shoes…) will resemble others.

Radical High Tops

Will there be a lot of violence and fights?

Yes, there will be a lot of violence and fights as the main characters will eliminate bad guys (street gangs and outlaw biker gangs) attempting to vandalize major cities, steal retro computers, and steal retro video games. However, no blood or gore will be added as it will be PG-13. There will also be ki energy attacks, both are which are heavily influenced by Street Fighter and Dragon Ball.

Do the characters fly?

Yes, they can fly without having to use planes (like most of the Dragon Ball characters), except they will have to use planes when traveling from one country to another.

What are the languages are going to be?

English and Japanese.

Will it be on Tapas or Line Webtoon?



Are you Japanese?

No, but I do speak the language (which I am not yet fluent). I did learn Japanese with the now-retired Smart.fm, then moved on to My Japanese Coach for the DS (very hard to find these days). I now use Duolingo. I would rather keep my American citizenship but speak Japanese.

Are you a furry?

Uhh . . . no. I’m a kitsune with fox ears and a tail. Except I do have human ears and have electric powers, rather than the magical ones and not from the spirit world.

. . . except the fact I’m a real human.

Are you male or female?

I am a straight male.

Why you are permanently leaving the US for Tokyo, Japan?

I am planning to permanently leave the US next year due to the high crime and divorce rates. Read more here.

Why do you often dress like a 1990s teenager? Why do you want to have a crazy hairstyle like an anime/manga character?

I often wear ultra baggy clothing (T-shirts, jeans, shorts) and vintage tube socks. I also wear sneakers (Converse, Adidas, Vans, and later Nike) and sometimes Teva sandals worn with socks. In Japan, there’s always a genkan (where they remove their shoes before entering houses or temples and put shoes on when they leave houses or temples).

In order to avoid racial remarks, discrimination, and becoming a stereotype, I need to stop going to black/ethnic barbershops permanently and become less of a black person, so I will have to learn how to take care of my hair when I use a hair straightener and invest in hair products.

You often eschew a lot of western games (Mortal Kombat, Fallout, Assasin’s Creed…). Why do you say that?

The major downside is that the western video game developers will face low sales in the Japanese market (which can be very expensive to export to Japan and include foreign dub voice acting as the Japanese gamers do not glorify western games), face censorship, or will face a ban in Japan outright.

12 or 24-hour (military) format?

24-hour format.

What is your Nintendo Switch username/friend code?

I do have my own Nintendo Switch, as I ordered via Amazon. Here are the friend codes:

  • Switch Friend Code: SW-2353–5358–8509 (NA), Still TBA (JP)
  • Nintendo Switch NA Account: SamraiCory (the u is omitted due to the ten character limit)
  • Nintendo Switch JP Account: 3661CORY

I don’t have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription at this time, however multiplayer games only nowadays.

Rad Kitsune Studio

A webcomic and graphic design studio with ultra-baggy clothes, spiky-haired male protagonists, tomboys, and 1990s sneakers. Don’t forget to take off your shoes!

Cory Roberts

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Manga artist and graphic designer of everything rad! • 1-rad kitsune of @RadKitsune • sneaker fan • hetero • he/him/his

Rad Kitsune Studio

A webcomic and graphic design studio with ultra-baggy clothes, spiky-haired male protagonists, tomboys, and 1990s sneakers. Don’t forget to take off your shoes!

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