Stickers.Pub Stickers’ Anatomy

“Is it from paper?” “Will it last?” “Is it easy to apply without leaving any air bubbles?” “If I stick it on my car, the sun won’t hurt the inks?”

Here’s how each and every sticker is treated. And when we say “every”, we mean it. Whether we talk about die-cut stickers, phone skins, tablet or laptop covers:

Yup. Just like this. Each one of them gets this treatment.

… and let’s now move to another existential question:

Why are decals cheaper?

This is an one-color decal example.

Because usually they consist of one color vinyl material which isn’t printed and laminated and is just contour cut.

Not to mention the adhesive, RapidAir air release technology, etc.

That doesn’t mean that they are worse — they are just cheaper to produce.

Questions? :)

PS: On the left you can see how a standard 72dpi print looks like compared to ours at a 4x4cm size.