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Pfizer Update… 👀


I’ve never, and I mean never ever experienced a vaccine quite like this before.

It’s been almost a week since my first Pfizer shot, and I regret it. For one, even though the debilitating pain and massive swelling has subsided, my injection site still itches like crazy! The swollen area on my shoulder is still about the size of a golf ball in diameter, and the area is “meaty” but stiff. It feels like a miniature expired silicone pouch. (You know how those silicone make-up applicators feel? Or you know how breast or butt implants get kinda hard when it’s time to change/remove them? Please don’t ask me how I know what that feels like. But anywho…)

I was looking at pictures I’ve taken, and I realized that the injection site resembled a mega-mosquito bite. Just look at the photo above! Does that not look like a mosquito bite to you? I know itching is usually a sign of healing, but this itching is so bad. It itches when I touch it, and at the most random times for no reason, just like mosquito bites do.

There seems to be some discoloration; the redness is slowly becoming darker. Not in a bruising way, but the pigment in my skin is changing, kinda like when you get bitten by bedbugs and when the bites go away, there are dark circles in place of where the bites used to be. Almost like a “ghost” or a “shadow.” I hope that’s not what this is turning into, but it appears so…

And my arm went numb! Yes, numb. This only happened once (at the end of day five, leading into day six post-vaccination), but the muscles in my whole arm felt tight, there was a tingling sensation deep in my elbow, and my hand felt like it was inflating and tingling at the same time. I have no idea what triggered this; it happened out of no where. I wasn’t laying on it or anything. I’m wondering if the vaccine has somehow affected my ulnar nerve…

But the most interesting part of these “side effects” is what I’ve noticed about the consistent itching.

Let me put this in perspective for y’all:

When a mosquito “bites” you, she sticks her long proboscis into your skin. Then, she “spits” into your skin which triggers your histamines. In relation to the shot, the proboscis is the needle and the saliva is the vaccine.

I’m no expert, but the mechanics behind both processes are seemingly an exact match; this is why my vaccine injection site resembles a giant mosquito bite!

It’s safe to say, I will not be getting the second dose.

I mean, I could be allergic to one of the ingredients. Think about it: when mosquitos “bite” you, the itchy bump is a result of an allergic reaction. Human beings are typically allergic to mosquito saliva (but not everyone is allergic, which is why some people never get itchy bumps after being bit by mosquitos). There’s no telling what I’m allergic to in that vile. I’ve never had allergic reactions to medications or any other pharmaceutical/biological products, so this is very interesting to me.

Even though the allergic reaction isn’t “severe” — and I do use that term loosely — it’s grave enough for me to not wanna take my chances on another dose. Besides, I was skeptical about this vaccine in the first place. Had I known the “side effects” would last this long, I would’ve stuck to my original plan and just waited to see what happened to everybody else who got the shot. Because of my curiosity and the very real possibility that I will be forced to work outside of my home full-time — which increases my chances for COVID exposure — I’m stuck experiencing this with all of them.

And who knows what the long-term effects will be? If I end up with nerve damage in my left arm, do you really think the government will accept any responsibility for it? They’re the ones issuing incentives and creating programs/initiatives to increase vaccinations, but if these shots lead to chronic illness or health defects, the government will be quick to blame The People for “volunteering ourselves” — even though they’re actively playing on our fears, persuading us to “protect ourselves” from COVID!

Before the vaccine, I tested negative for the antibodies. If I went more than a year without contracting the virus, who’s to say I would’ve ever caught it? My immune system is pretty strong in the first place. I wouldn’t be surprised if life ultimately reveals that I never needed the shot at all. ❤️

I’ll keep y’all posted if anything else happens.



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