Rules and Registration Instructions

The RAF Engineering Competition 2018 is open to: RAF Regular and Reserve Service Personnel across all RAF Trades and Branches; MOD Civil Servants, Whole Force (Permanent Contractors) and Joint Participants in teams comprising a majority of RAF personnel; the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS); and University Air Squadrons (UAS). These comprise the Senior Competition.

The competition is also open to youth organisations affiliated to the RAF including: the RAF Air Cadets, CCF(RAF), the Girls Venture Corps and the Air Scouts. These are ‘Youth Engagement’ teams.

There is no restriction on team size: individuals, friends, Sections, Units etc are all eligible to enter.

The challenge is to design an engineering solution relating to air and space activities, or the applications and processes that support them. The scope extends across the diversity of ways the RAF delivers its outputs in any aspect of Flying, Engineering, Logistics and/or People. Ideas should be based around one or more of the following broad categories:
a. The Royal Air Force — the next 100 years.
b. Size, weight and power.
c. Height, reach, speed and endurance.
d. The Information Age.

Phase 1 requires the submission of the concept and a draft design, submitted on no more than 3 sides of A4 using Arial 11 font. The concept must address the questions of ‘What’s the idea?’, ‘Why does it make a difference?’ and ‘How does it work?’.

How to Enter: Registration for the competition is by e-mail to the Competition Mailbox at Latest date for registration is 1 October 2017. Teams should include the word ‘Registration’ at the start of the Subject Header. In the Text Field, teams should enter the following details: Team name; parent station or organisation (or composite team, if applicable), contact e-mail address; primary point(s) of contact; telephone contact; Unit Identification Number (if applicable, for funding transfer)

Latest date for submission of entries is 1 October 2017. Entries should be e-mailed to the Competition Mailbox:

Teams should include the word ‘Submission’ at the start of the Subject Header.

Entries will be sorted into the 2 groups: Regular Service teams and Youth Engagement teams; then judged and sifted by a representative panel of judges against the criteria of innovation, originality and practicality. 15 entries from each of the 2 groups will be selected to proceed to Phase 2 of the competition, culminating in the Finals Event in 2018.

Entries that progress to Phase 2 will receive a budget of up to £3000 to help produce concept demonstrators and (optionally) a prototype. Teams will also be connected to Industry Mentors with experience in the field of the engineering solution being proposed and access to specialist facilities.

The Finals Event in 2018 will be of a ‘Dragons Den’ format, to a panel of engineering specialists from Service and civilian backgrounds, and inspirational figures involved in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Further details relating to Phase 2 of the competition will be sent to those teams progressing from Phase 1.

Ownership of the concepts and designs submitted in Phase 1 remains the exclusive property of the teams concerned. Intellectual Property Rights matters relating to entries proceeding to Phase 2 are addressed in the online FAQs.