Extraordinary Minds

We all experience moments when our imagination drifts into uncharted territory; where the world seems a better place because the things that matter in our lives are done differently or in better ways. How many times have we sat among friends and put the world to rights, or vented our exasperation at something that we know could be better if only…?

Our minds are extraordinary things, constantly processing information and sparking on new ideas. All too often in our busy lives, the tendency is to move on rather than dwell on our ideas and venture beyond “if only...”. But if we could bottle up just a few of those ideas and spend some time and energy extracting them from our imagination and transforming them into something real, then we could not only make a difference to our own lives, but perhaps also bring to life that better, unchartered world that we caught a glimpse of in our imagination.

The aim is to encourage as many people as possible to take a seedcorn of an idea and, with time, resources and access to industrial support, transform that idea into a prototype or concept demonstrator. Fun, ingenuity, inspiration and innovation are all wrapped into the journey of discovery, but for those teams that succeed in truly capturing the imagination, there’s the prospect of participating in the onward design, manufacture and delivery of their ideas.

The competition is open to all RAF personnel and youth organisations affiliated to the RAF. The categories are set deliberately broad to encourage the widest breadth of thought and innovation. The diversity of the competition extends beyond the traditional disciplines of Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, into newer areas such as Human Factors, Networking, Energy, Materials, Environmental and Design Engineering.

Our aspiration is to liberate the ideas bottled up in thousands of extraordinary minds and help to transform the best of them into real world solutions.