Discovering Fuji’s BW + Red Film Simulation

I’ve always been a color shooter, after all one of the main reasons I got into photography was because of color. Usually I set the film simulation of my XE1 to Pro-Neg Standard as this is my base simulation for post processing. And when I do go black and white, it’s usually after I took the image, on the post processing phase where I apply my favorite Acros film Lightroom preset.

But for this shoot I decided to go black and white. Why you ask? Well I’m really intrigue with the across film simulation found on newer fuji cameras. I’ve been looking at the amazing works of Patrick La Roque which uses Acros on his monochrome images. This inspired me to do a session using only black and white.

Thing is, I don’t have Acros on my XE1, so the next best thing is its black and white film simulation. Looking at Patrick’s work — I read that on the BW images where I thought really pop’d, he was using the in camera digital Red filter to his Acros film simulation which my XE1 has(yay!). So I decided to shoot on a lazy Friday afternoon(I didn’t go to work as I had to renew my driver’s liscense that day) to test this combination out.

It was really cool looking at the EVF and LCD screen in black and white. I could really appreciate how black and white simplifies a scene. For me it shows the core for a lack of better term, of the image. I can definitely understand why so many photographers shoot in BW exclusively.

Shooting BW was really fun. There where definitely images that looked blah in color but look totally amazing in black and white. I love how fuji’s BW simulation looks, it’s certainly no Acros but it still looks beautiful to me, specially with the red filter added. I shoot in a constant ISO of 2000 which will inevitably create some noise. But the noise in this simulation actually adds more character and emotion to the image which is never a bad thing. I really don’t mind the noise at all, although I really don’t mind it on my color images as well hehe..

All in all it was a very fun and insightful shooting experience. I could really appreciate all of fuji’s hard work in creating this film simulation. Now would I be a dedicated black and white shooter with this film simulation? Probably not. Color is already in the fabric of my photography, but with that said I will surely be doing a lot of BW+Red from now on. It already has a rightful spot on my Quick settings ;)

Couldn’t resist shoot color for this image.

Photos were taken 2017–03–24. If you like to see more, check out a few of my social accounts here. Have a good one :)

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