Good Friday ‘17

Good Friday in the Philippines is full of tradition. One of which is the Procession of the Santo Entierro. This is where Catholic churches in each town all over the Philippines conduct a solemn procession of all the church’s holy figures. Each figure is placed on their own respective karts or “karros” and paraded across the town with devotees following and praying aloud as the procession goes. In Cebu, one of the biggest procession is the one held by the Cebu cathedral. I have actually photographed this event before back in 2016, but this was the first time I went with my father.

Parishioners and devotees taking pictures of the karros

My father has always been a devotee of this procession, but I never really had the chance to go with him when I was a kid. It was a thing that he did on his own. His personal tradition so to speak. Actually this year weren’t supposed to be any different. It was only by chance that we saw each other while I was taking photos and him waiting for the procession to start. So we decided to go together on the procession.

I actually had no plans of participating with the procession but this was my chance to be part of my dad’s tradition. And also meet a curiosity I had since I was a kid.

My dad before was one of the people who pulled the karro along as the procession continued. He had stopped doing that because of his age and leaves that job to the younger generation of devotees now.

Dad leading the way.

All in all there wasn’t anything that stood out while we were in the procession, but I was really happy to be able to experience it with my dad. It was something that I wanted to do with him but never really did for some reason until now(maybe one of the reason is my chronic laziness). Next year maybe we can go together again 😊

Pikachu joining the procession

Photos were taken 2017–04–14. If you like to see more, check out a few of my social accounts here. Thanks for dropping by 😁