The Three That Weren’t.

Once, I wished upon a star,
For a girl, who I was yet to meet.
Somewhere out there, away so far.
Not much, but one, I would so love.

I grew up a little and didn’t find,
A sign to say she wasn’t far behind.
For when I saw her, it wasn’t that.
And yet I wish she’d just come back.

Now that I’ve seen her though,
I don’t think I can let it go.
Yet she isn’t there again today,
And how I wish she’d go away.

Back then I met another one,
So true it was to be met with love.
As I thought of where she went then,
I wondered if she’d ever been.

So how much far must you still be.
For me to see you in the three.
Come please, don’t go, that’s what I want.
Yet leave, and run and never come back.

The third that was and wasn’t yet,
Was time I realized how I hadn’t met.
The one I’d wished for upon the star,
The one I knew shouldn’t be so far.

And as I close my eyes today,
I see her there all the same.
Run away, run away, and please don’t haunt,
My wake, my dreams and all my thought.

Last night again I wished on the star,
For the girl who was, and yet not here.
She isn’t there again today,
Oh, how I wish she’d go away.

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