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Launching Rage.Fan Ambassador Program

Fantasy sports could not succeed without you, the fans who like, share, and comment on your favorite fantasy sports players and events. Now you can be rewarded for your commitment to fantasy sports fandom by becoming part of the exclusive Rage.Fan Ambassador Program.

As an Ambassador, you will be part of one of the most exclusive and rewarding programs in the fantasy sports world.

If you’re a fantasy sports enthusiast, becoming an Ambassador is an opportunity to earn rewards while sharing your enthusiasm. And it’s true; enthusiasm is contagious, so your job promoting Rage.Fan will be easy.

When you join our selective group of Rage.Fan Ambassadors, you will become a promoter of a new fantasy sports gaming model in which everyone benefits from growing the users and activity on the platform. You will be a key player on the Ambassador team driving adoption of a new genre of fan-first on-chain fantasy sports that creates more rewards and value for fans.

Whether you have joined the fantasy sports community for entertainment and rewards, or a profession, an Ambassadorship in an opportunity to open doors in the Rage.Fan and wider fantasy sports community. As a member of the Rage.Fan Ambassador Program, you will have exclusive access to news and updates about Rage.Fan, as well as a direct line to the members of our executive team, advisors, developers and marketers.

We encourage you to share your ideas in regular calls with members of the Rage.Fan team, one of many opportunities to gain access to the behind-the-scenes fantasy sports world and expand your influence.

Additionally, as a member of the Rage.Fan Ambassador team, you will have the opportunity to grow professionally, make a name for yourself within the fantasy sports gaming industry, and grow your networks alongside our team of recognized experts and members of our vibrant community.

Rage.Fan highly values your role as an ambassador in the growth of its platform, and we are committed to helping you grow and hone skills that accelerate your personal and professional growth.

If that is not incentive enough for you, you will also be rewarded!

Members of the Rage.Fan Ambassador Program will be rewarded with the platform’s native $RAGE tokens for their efforts and time, as well exclusive merchandise such as T-shirts and gifts to display their support for Rage.Fan fandom.

You will be regularly compensated with $RAGE tokens depending on the type and amount of work you do within the platform to support its growth and expansion. The rewards will be distributed monthly based on your contributions and the quality of work you submit. Your Rage.Fan tokens are both the platform utility token and community governance token, giving you rights to vote on Rage.Fan platform proposals. The more $RAGE you earn, the more voting power and influence you accumulate.

We value everything you do to promote the platform’s growth, and to show our appreciation, any exceptional effort you make above and beyond your basic ambassador duties will be rewarded.

Plus, you get early access to new fantasy sports features, exclusive invitations and discounts.

If you love and loyally support fantasy sports fandom, you are highly qualified. Anyone is welcome to join the Rage.Fan Ambassador Program. We have many open positions for fantasy sport fans with various specializations and interests.

Initially, we are seeking candidates who meet the minimum requirements of passion for fantasy sports and certain demanded skills. If you are not yet part of Rage.Fan fandom, join now to improve your qualifications.

The first members of our Ambassador Program will be the pioneers of this unique program, giving them the best chance to move up the Rage.Fan Ambassador ladder. The higher up you are, the better your rewards will be!

Remember, making a name for yourself in this program will allow you to build a reputation within a fast-growing sector revolutionizing the online gaming industry, on-chain fantasy sports.

Do not wait. Be one of the first to show your support for Rage.Fan fandom and become a Rage.Fan Ambassador today!

Apply now HERE.

Rage.Fan is the fantasy sports game that puts fans-first. As you perform ambassador duties within the Rage.Fan community, you accrue more $RAGE, voting power and influence.

The goal of the Rage.Fan Ambassador Program is to increase the adoption of the platform and attract both current users of the fantasy sports sector and a new wave of enthusiasts to the Rage.Fan fandom network. If you are chosen to be part of our exclusive team of Ambassadors, you will be tasked with performing some of the following responsibilities:

  • Promote Rage.Fan fandom through social media platforms as a content promoter, creator, and moderator
  • Drive adoption of on-chain fantasy sports by educating others through content and social media
  • Engage and grow our network of platform users, influencers, and partners through social media
  • Increase our presence in both social and conventional communication media channels
  • Test drive new features of the Rage.Fan platform
  • Develop bots to moderate forums and analyze data
  • Translate articles and publications
  • Champion Rage.Fan and expand its reach in regional fandom communities
  • Encourage other Rage.Fan fans to share their skills and become ambassadors

Do you have a special talent that can benefit the Rage.Fan Ambassador Program? Please share it with us. We will make sure to tailor many of the responsibilities to your individual abilities to ensure you succeed.

Rage.Fan has established easy-to-follow Ambassador guidelines to help you achieve these goals. We will fully support your work as an Ambassador with all the resources required to execute your tasks and grow our fandom community and platform users within the fantasy sports world and beyond.

Rage.Fan as a global community welcomes fantasy sports supporters and enthusiasts from around the world into our Ambassador Program. If you feel you can make a valuable contribution to Rage.Fan fandom, do not miss this unique opportunity to join us.

About Rage.Fan

Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized fantasy sports platform which puts the interests of sports lovers ahead of platform owners. It allows users to use their skills and knowledge to participate in highly engaging fantasy sports events and earn rewards. Users will also be able to participate in a host of unique mining initiatives and earn $RAGE, the governance and utility token of the platform.

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Rage.Fan is a decentralised fantasy sports platform with the opportunity to acquire action cards (NFTs) to earn additional in-game points. Players will partake in an AR Token hunt platform, Scramble, to collect $RAGE coins. The platform will also host a one-of-kind Sports Oracle.

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Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized sports platform built on Polygon/MATIC, offering Sports Utility NFTs, NFT Staking, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Scramble