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Rage.Fan is excited to partner with Polygon (formerly Matic) to scale transactions and provide an unparalled user experience

Polygon (erstwhile Matic Network) is a leading Layer 2 scaling solution provider on the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon uses an adapted version of the Plasma framework along with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus based side chains to improve scalability considerably. Using a two-way peg between the main blockchain and the sidechain, Polygon divides the workload between the two to massively scale transactions.

With the rebranding, Polygon is planning to integrate many more features into Ethereum, including advanced scaling techniques such as ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups. Polygon’s vision is to develop a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, transforming Ethereum into the Internet of Blockchains.

About Rage.Fan

Rage.Fan is a fan-first fantasy sports platform where sports fans can use their skills and knowledge to earn rewards while participating in highly engaging fantasy sports events. Users will also be able to participate in quiz contests both during and after the live match, and multiply the rewards that they have earned during the game.

Centralized fantasy sports platforms tend to keep the interests of owners ahead of that of the users, providing little or no importance to the opinions of users. Moreover, such platforms usually offer absolutely zero visibility in terms of factors such as points calculation, pool formulation, transactions or rewards distribution. These factors dampen the user experience, and often lead to users paying high fees to play games on the platform.

At Rage.Fan, we believe in the spirit of decentralization. Here, users will be in charge of community governance, with voting powers granted to them through the ownership of the platform’s native $RAGE tokens. Users will also be able to participate in various innovative staking and mining programs, earning even more rewards on top of the in-game profits.

Benefits this partnership will deliver

Once our product is deployed, we expect that the Rage.Fan platform will process an enormous amount of data on a daily basis. In its current state, the Ethereum framework is non-scalable and non-sustainable. Transactions might end up getting stuck in queues if the Ethereum network is congested, unless users are willing to pay exorbitant transaction fees. This would kill the user experience and most likely drive users away from our platform.

The partnership with Polygon will help us scale transactions in a cost efficient and reliable manner. Even when our platform experiences heavy traffic, we will be able to guarantee a seamless and uninterrupted user experience. With Polygon continuously working to improve scaling on Ethereum, Rage.Fan will continue to provide the best-in-class fantasy sports experience to fans.

In the words of A Satheesh, CEO of Rage.Fan, “DApps on Ethereum often face problems while scaling, which might even end up driving users away from the platform. Scalability is something that we have been worried about since day one. This is why we have partnered with the industry’s leading L2 scaling solution provider Polygon. Now, whatever be the amount of traffic on the Rage platform, the user experience will not get disrupted.”

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About Polygon (Formerly Matic)

Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building and connecting Secured Chains like Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, Validium etc and Standalone Chains like Matic POS, designed for flexibility and independence. Polygon’s Layer 2 Chains have seen widespread adoption with 90+ Dapps, ~7M transactions and ~200K unique users.

If you’re an Ethereum Developer, you’re already a Polygon developer! Leverage Polygon’s fast and secure transactions for your Dapp, get started here.

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Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized sports platform built on Polygon/MATIC, offering Sports Utility NFTs, NFT Staking, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Scramble