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Rage.Fan: The future of Fantasy Sports

Rage.Fan is a fan-first on-chain fantasy sports and quizzing platform built on blockchain technology, where sports fans can use their skills and knowledge to earn rewards and feel more connected to the action.

Rage.Fan allows sports fans to use their skills and knowledge to earn rewards while participating in highly engaging fantasy sport events. What’s more, fans can also participate in quizzes before, during and after their favorite sporting event and earn even more rewards.

Using Blockchain technology, Rage.Fan aims to create a permission-less, decentralized and transparent gaming experience for all sports fans, while removing the inherent inefficiencies of traditional centralized applications.

The platform is built on the most efficient Smart Chain, with a mobile-first approach to ensure scalability, ease of use and almost zero gas fees.

Why Rage.Fan

The current fantasy sport platform ecosystem is rife with issues which dampen the user experience.

Opaque transactions processing and settlements

When it comes to gaming apps, there is absolutely zero visibility for fans in terms of points calculation, pool formulation, transactions or rewards distribution. This model is what is known as “house-driven”, and suffers from lack of transparency and visibility.

Rage.Fan aims to challenge the status-quo with a fan-first model built on Blockchain using provably fair algorithms. This ensures that every single transaction, from pool formulation to reward distribution, is immutably recorded in a public blockchain and easily visible to all players.

Escalated cost models

Fees charged by fantasy sport platforms are extremely high, which significantly increases the entry barrier for sports enthusiasts. Even worse, they eat into the rewards earned by the participants.

There are also countless cases of platforms charging fees without any transparency. Every such incident reduces the amount of trust that players can put into the platform.

Rage.Fan aims to tackle these problems by introducing a fan-first fee model. Since the platform is built on Blockchain, all transactions are processed on-chain for complete transparency, completely eliminating the possibility of any hidden charges.

Lack of fan influence

Centralized fantasy sport platforms allow little or no voice to fans when it comes to the running of the platform. This creates an imbalance in the power structure, allowing platform operators to have full control of the decision making. Ultimately, the platform ends up putting the interest of the operators and owners over that of the fans and participants.

Rage.Fan aims to flip this model on its head. This is enabled by the governance aspect of the utility token, which allows holders to participate in the decision-making process and makes it more community-driven.

Simplifying the Blockchain journey

Rage.Fan is built on the principle of onboarding the early majority to the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem. The platform will be mobile first, with an intuitive and simple UX to allow even users with little to no experience in the space to participate freely. Being natively built on the most efficient Smart Chain allows the platform to be operated in a fast, cheap and scalable manner.

How will Rage.Fan work?

Users will be able to download the app and sign up instantly, following which they will be provided with their unique wallet address.

Users of the mobile app will be able to see different sports available on the platform. The first version of the app will be launched with a focus on cricket. Subsequently, more sports like football, kabaddi, hockey, basketball, etc. will be added.

Once a particular sport is selected, users will be able to see different matches available, from different leagues and with different pool entry sizes. They will be able to select any sport of their choice. Before entering the particular sport, users will be asked an entry question and will need to pay the pool fee.

Once selected, users will be able to create their match team from the available options, using their skills and domain knowledge, before the actual game officially begins. All rules for the selection and the point system will be available on the platform in a transparent manner.

During the live match, users will be shown certain questions in the context of real time events to keep them engaged. For every question answered currently, users will earn points. At the end of the game, users will be ranked on a leaderboard. Depending on the leaderboard position, they will be able to earn a multiplier on the points earned by their selected team.

Once the match ends, the points earned by each user during the match will be tabulated and the associated rewards will be distributed. The reward pool will comprise of the pool amount collected at the time of entry minus the platform fees.

All transactions, like player selection, points computations and reward distribution, will be processed via smart contracts for complete transparency and decentralization.

Introducing $RAGE: Rage.Fan Native Token

Rage.Fan will have a unique native token system to support the fan-first and simplified user experience.

$RAGE is a standard ERC-20 native token with dual purpose of “play system” and “community governance” and other associated utilities

The utilities $RAGE will be:

  1. Game currency: Use $RAGE to participate in fantasy games on Rage.Fan platform
  2. Staking: Stake tokens and thereby earn higher returns
  3. Governance: Participate and actively contribute in decision making through community votes
  4. Play Mining: The more you play the more you earn. Simple!
  5. Referral Mining: Spread the word, refer others around you and earn $RAGE
  6. Virtual Mining: Participate more and more in virtual games & activities and earn $RAGE
  7. Social Media Mining: Incentivize social media influencers for spreading the word

What Next?

The Rage team is well on its way to completing the game design, and is actively working on developing the settlement contracts.

The team is building out the detailed roadmap for the next 4 quarters, defining key milestones to deliver a unique and thoroughly decentralized sports platform.

The team has also actively forged partnerships with traditional data firms to power resolution, while simultaneously evaluating opportunities and requirements to build a sports data oracle platform that could become as robust as a chainlink.

Stay tuned to this space for more announcements and upcoming action from the project.

For queries, questions or suggestions, please reach us at social@rage.fan.

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Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized sports platform built on Polygon/MATIC, offering Sports Utility NFTs, NFT Staking, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Scramble