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RageFan announces Technical Collaboration with Arcana

RageFan and Arcana Network enter into a technical collaboration. RageFan is evaluating to transition from IPFS to Arcana’s decentralized storage for improved privacy, security, and transparency. RageFan will explore Arcana’s privacy stack for user login/authentication and access control with the aim to offer a seamless login experience to RageFan users.

Highlights of the Collaboration

  • Arcana Network will provide decentralized storage for RageFan’s NFTs, facilitating the transition from IPFS
  • RageFan will explore Arcana’s private NFTs that will allow only the respective NFT owner to view the content of the NFT
  • Arcana Network will help facilitate a seamless user login by providing authentication/login for Rage.Fan’s users.

“Rage.fan is one of the most interesting NFT platforms tying NFTs to real world engagement in sports. We are excited to unlock new capabilities for their users with Arcana’s storage and privacy stack with the launch of our Alpha Testnet.”

Aravindh Kumar, Arcana

“Partnerships are all about bringing ‘innovation to our customers’ through our products. Our partnership with Arcana will help us deliver exactly that, while we explore innovative ways to deploy robust scalability and privacy to our technology stack that will eventually benefit RageFan users and community.”

— Satheesh Ananth, Founder & CEO

About Arcana Network

Arcana Network is pioneering decentralized storage being the storage layer for Ethereum,with offering a privacy stack for user login/authentication, access control, key management, and encrypted storage. Arcana aims to be the most developer friendly platform for building privacy-preserving apps with a smooth user experience.

If you are a developer looking to build privacy-first dApps, check out Arcana’s Privacy Stack. You can reach out to us at hello@arcana.network and we’d be happy to help you learn more about our work and offerings.

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