FactSet Software Engineer-II Interview Experience

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2 min readMay 11, 2022


Hi, I am penning this article with the intention of sharing my interview experience with FactSet. If you are about to appear or are preparing to appear for such role in the future, do give this a read! Hope it will help you.

I will not reveal the exact question because of the company policy.

Online Coding Round

There were three questions and the time to solve all those was 1.5 hour. The questions were based on Data Structures and Algorithms.

I was able to clear this round and got selected for next round.

Interview Round 1

  • Interviewer and I introduced ourselves, then interviewer started with questions on HTML , followed by CSS and JavaScript.
  • JS was asked in depth and then few Questions on React.js.
  • Interviewer gave me a small task to do in React.js, based on React hooks.
  • I gave all answers and also completed the React.js task.

I got shortlisted for the next round.

Interview Round 2 (Machine Coding)

  • The round started with our introduction.
  • Initially interviewer asked me few Questions on React.js, JavaScript and about my projects.
  • Then interviewer provided me with codesandbox link and asked me to complete all the features.
  • In this round, I was allowed to use React.js docs for reference.
  • While coding, I was continously explaning my approach to complete the task. React hooks were my saviour.
  • I was able to implement all features within 25 minutes.
  • Then interviewer gave me a bonus task, that I completed within 5 minutes.
  • I was able to complete all tasks easily. Practising different assignments helped me to solve those questions.
  • Interviewer was very helpful and super friendly.

Final Round (HR round)

  • In this round, I introduced myself and basic HR Questions were asked.
  • HR gave me an overview of products of company and about job role that they were offering, followed by policies of the company.

I got selected for Software Engineer-II role. The recruitment process of FactSet is literally amazing !!

Some Tips for Interviews

  • Don’t get nervous on seeing the question and properly discuss the approach with the interviewer before writing.
  • While writing the code in the interview, try to speak what you are thinking and writing.
  • Be confident.
  • Divide the problem into small parts and try to solve them. Eventually you will be able to solve the whole problem.

All the very best for future interviews. Keep coding!



Raghav Bang

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