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How to start with Programming !!

The Biggest Question for beginners is that “How to start with programming ?”

Welcome to my first blog!!

Many times students ask me how to start with programming? From where should we learn and start it? How to develop skills in various languages ?…etc.

Today I will be answering all those questions in this Blog.

How to start with Programming?

I don’t understand, why this question comes to your mind. There is a simple way to start with it. That is just understanding the syntax of particular programming language. Take some Basic level question in your hand and start coding to solve it. There are many good resources available online, that you can use to learn coding. Like Tutorial Points, Geeksforgeek, etc.

My two-cent advice:

1. Just knowing the syntax won’t help, You should have good logical skill. Because in programming logic matters more.

2. Once you know anyone of the programming languages, then you can learn any new programming language within one day !! Because syntax changes but logic remain the same.

I would suggest to start with the C language and then with C++. That will make your fundamentals strong.

There are many websites, YouTube tutorial series from which you can start learning. Never pay a single penny for learning any language.

While you start learn any language, I would suggest you to do programming side by side. Then only you will be able to understand each minute concept of it. Refer different sources if you don't understand a particular topic. But never stuck at any point.

Now the Question arises from where should we get problem statement and start practicing?

Its my personal opinion that beginner should always start with Hackerrank, then with Hackerearth, Codeshef ,etc. Take 30 Days of Code Challenge and also practice particular programming language in it. If required use discussion forum to get the solution for problem statement.

It will help to increase your programming , logical skills alot !! And due to it you will learn many new types of function and builtin Library.

Once you are done with anyone of programming language, Congrats now you can use any programming language by just learning it in single day!!

Here are some Useful resources that will help you alot:

Python Programming for Data Science:-
Python 3 Programming Specialization

YouTube Channels
Stanford University: Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing
Sentdex: Python Programming from Basics to Advanced topics
Krish Naik: Leading Data Scientist, Mentor and your one stop guy on anything
pertaining data science and Machine Learning
Edureka and Data School: Highly recommended to all
Thomas Simonini: Reinforcement Learning


Raghav Bang.

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raghavbang/



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